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October 07 2013

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Elizabeth Henstridge: Fitz and Simmons are "like a married couple". She talks about her character with Mildly spoilery for those who haven't seen last week's episode.

They strike me more as squabbling twins.
They remind me of Hermione and Ron.
@Simon: didn't one of them even reference Hermione in the pilot? Not sure if I'm remembering right.

I absolutely love their dynamic. I think the "squabbling twins" analogy is spot on (so far).
Yep, Simmons said she was not Hermione.
@Simon Haha, that works. Esp. given her fortitude and his seeming lack of same.
If they get together, Fitz or Simmons will die. 50/50 split, mutually exclusive. No chance both will die or survive.
If they don't get together, there's a 50% chance Fitz will die and a 50% chance Simmons will die, but there's an overlap, so there's also a 25% chance both will die and a 25% chance both will survive.
That's my highly speculative prediction.
I'm not good enough at math to figure out what this means the overall odds of both surviving are.
@GreatMuppetyOdin I think both their chances of survival are quite high. Simply because everyone who knows Joss's previous work is now *expecting* one of them to die...
I seriously doubt they will get together. If I had to make predictions, I'd say Simmons is gay.
I love their current dynamic. I really hope they don't get together because there aren't enough onscreen examples of close male-female friendships like that without the pair getting romantically involved at some point.
I agree with the squabbling twins vibe. They're already my absolute favourites. I kinda hope they don't do the romance thing - it would just feel weird to me!
Fitz and Simmons remind me of Gabby and Ken from the Mass Effect series.

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