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October 07 2013

A nicely detailed review of the "Much Ado" Blu-ray.'s usual thorough take on a Blu-ray disc, includes analysis of picture and sound as well. My copy arrives today. Hurrah!

it may not be blue-ray but i got my "much abo" with goodies inside and on the screen.
Seeing as a lot of people still haven't seen the movie, we'll do a discussion for it at the weekend.
Just spoken to the UK distributor via email.

The Joss commentary on the UK discs was commissioned by the UK distributor and they licensed it out to other distributors and Lionsgate took it.

But Lionsgate wouldn't license out their US extras to the UK, which seems a bit stingy to say the least which is why we don't have them.
Thanks for letting us know.
One of the lesser known effects of the global credit squeeze of the last 5 years or so has been a substantial reduction of the DVD extras. Which is why there have been less of the LOTR style extended editions crammed with those fantastic bonus features. That said and given its box office I am surprised that there hasn't been a double dip on The Avengers yet.
Does anyone know if buying on Apple TV gives all the same extras? I hate buying discs, but it's worth it if it has more content.
Why do they keep changing the 1.85 aspect ratio to 1.78 ? There isn't a great loss of picture, but still, I'm a purist ! really doesn't care if you ordered from outside the US. They will still ship your BR sometime in the afternoon of the release day. :(

See you in (hopefully only) 8 days!
Stupid licences. No wonder people buy stuff abroad.

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