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October 08 2013

New teaser image for the Buffy Season 10 comics. We should be seeing more news over the next few days as NYCC gets going.

From the looks of it, I'm guessing we'll get a "Buffy" title and an "Angel" title. It looks like Faith, Giles, and Spike are all joining the Buffy title. It also seems like Jeanty and Issacs are each sticking around. YAY!
Yeah, it looks like at least 2 series here and the usual artists, probably. Maybe some more miniseries?

Spike and Giles are close - will they have a few adventures together? Please?
If Isaacs could just draw everything ever, that'd be superb.
What's the word above "pest" on the wall?
This image lends credence to my theory that Rebekah is taking over the main Buffy book. So excited for Season 10!
Hmm,to me this looks like it could seperates the characters into three groups.

1)Buffy,Xander,Willow,Giles = Buffy book?

2)Spike and Faith in the middle section = a Faith & Spike book or separate solo titles for each.

3)Angel in upper right corner = Angel book?

Or it could be viewed as Buffy,Xander,Willow Giles,Spike and Faith all on one side and Angel on the other = Buffy book and Angel book.
Neat teaser. Wonder if we'll get 2 or more montlies.

The fact that we're getting a lot of the same Season 9 creative people back was made no secret a few weeks ago in some of the interviews that some of them participated, I just wonder in what configuration.
Pretty sure we're getting at least one new ongoing, probably a Spike book written by Victor Gischler. Faith will either co-star in that book or get her own book.
Could the word above "pest" be Samantha?
Unless Amanda is back from the dead some how.
Oh hey that trash can says Santa Rosita. I was hoping we'd see more of Billy.
Something along the lines "Vampire World. Go away, human pest".
Apparently it's "vamanos".
I assumed it was ''Vamanos Pest'', as a reference to the pest control company in Breaking Bad.
Am I wrong thinking the whole piece was drawn by Isaacs? And if so, does that mean she's the main on both(well, the two likely mains anyway) books? Because I'd get a nosebleed from how excited that'd make me.
It does look like Isaacs drew the whole thing, but I don't think we should read into it too much yet.
That image is freaking beautiful.

Even though I am a little sad that Angel's by himself.
Okay, so this is what we see. Buffy with a haircut. No Dawn at all. Willow wielding magic. Little Giles. Nothing really of note.
Rebekah Isaac, YES! Looks like adding they're adding Faith and Teen Giles to the Buffy book; hopefully that will add some life to it!
If we're reading things into the image, I'd guess that it looks like maybe three books...

A "Buffy" book starring Buffy, Xander, Willow, Kid Giles, and Spike.

A Faith solo book. I suppose it's possible that Spike would be in it, but in the image he looks he's over in Buffy's group whereas Faith in the foreground by herself.

An Angel book that takes place in England, which, considering how A&F ended, it was strongly implied that he's going to be hanging around in Magic Town.

ETA: Amazing picture. Rebekah is a beast on the pencil. Great to see that it looks she's sticking around.

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I hope, since magic "deleted" Dawn (albeit temporarily) and new magic brought her back, that the Scoobies have lost their fake memories of Dawn from pre-Season 5. I hope in this new magic world that their original memories have been restored and they only remember Dawn from Buffy vs. Dracula and beyond.
Spike's definitely getting his own book. Why else would Victor Gischler have been included in the Season 10 writers summit?
You know, a Spike book co-staring Giles could be a lot of fun. We know Spike's good with kids.
kind of reminds me when los angeles went to hell, due to angel trying to destroy wolf ram and hart.
SO now I realize that Issacs drew everyone, except Faith looks like Jeanty's work. I was never really impressed with this representation of Faith, so I'll be bummed if he's the one writing her book, if she's standalone.
A Spike and Giles book WOULD be fun.

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