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"Okay - this is because of going through the portal, right?"
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October 08 2013

More Joss interview excerpts and pics from the Much Ado movie tie-in book. And our competition to win a copy ends tomorrow. Head over to our Tumblr for more details on how to enter.

my brother Sam whipped out his mandolin

I really hope that the fifth Whedon brother is a grumpy accountant without a creative bone in his body. That much talent in one family is ridiculous.
Love that cast & crew pic at the end.
Are all those square brackets in the book, or is it just USA Today who think their readers are imbeciles?
The square quote brackets are in the book. If someone isn't mentioned at all earlier in the text, it's customary to identify them. If the interviewee doesn't actually say "first name, last name, this is what they do," it's improper to put that information in the quote *without* brackets (as if the interviewee had actually said the words) and in a Q&A format, there's nowhere else to put that identification except in the brackets.
Thanks for answering the question.

I'm well aware of what the brackets are for, thanks, but sometimes an overzealous editor can render the text unreadable.

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