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October 09 2013

Dark Horse unveils Zack Whedon's "Serenity: Leaves on the Wind". This is the much anticipated six issue mini-series sequel to Serenity.

Yay!: More Serenity!

Boo!: Only 6 issues

(MAYBE)Yay!: Possibility of an ongoing.

Boo!: 3 months wait!

Ok that last boo was a stretch:-) Very excited for this. Been waiting for this for years,
Looking forward to this!
I don't know what's the deal, cause I think they revealed it was gonna be Zack back in San Diego, didn't they?
Apart from that, YAY, just 3 months!
We were definitely told it was Zack when I specifically asked about him at LeakyCon Portland, which was before San Diego, it's just that no one paid it any particular attention beyond that panel room.
The storyline they have planned sounds so exciting!
So, my questions were answered, for now just a mini-series, and they're keeping the Serenity title, so not really using new season concept from the Buffyverse.

Looking forward to this.

WOnder if by the end of this, Dark Horse might consider collecting everything so far + "Leaves on the Wind" into a Library Edition special like done with Tales or Season 8 volumes. Bet it would sell well.
The other thing Scott said back at LeakyCon Portland was that the larger season model fit better with Buffy and the smaller discrete story model fit better for this. (Apparently we made all sorts of news at that panel but no one heard it.)
I do remember that though b!X, so I don't know why its a surprise. I'm surprised it's going up to six issues. I thought it'd be shorter than that.
Anyone else think "Zack is doin' us a little favor, blessing Commentary with his flavor..." whenever anyone brings him up?

Just me then. :P
Interesting. I hope this means Rebekah really will be the main artist on the Buffy books. As for Serenity, I was never a big fan I'm mostly interested in what this news means for the Buffy books.
Post Serenity comics? Yes please.
I'll have to re-write my fan comic to be twelve months later, or something, since this will be nine months later...
"The other thing Scott said back at LeakyCon Portland was that the larger season model fit better with Buffy and the smaller discrete story model fit better for this."

That's a shame--for Firefly I'd actually love stories to be more ongoing. More following (consistent) threads of the characters' lives and less clearly delineated "missions". That's why I was really really hoping for a long-running season.

Zack hasn't disappointed yet, though, so I'm thrilled for these issues.

And Zack definitely hadn't been officially announced yet, no matter what he'd let slip. :-p
Just realized we're getting this preview now, before NYCC, cause #1 will be among the titles listed in the Dark Horse January 2014 solicitations that will be coming out either tomorrow or friday.

The Solicits will probably also include the final Buffy Season 9 TPB.
Are you sure the solicits are coming out tomorrow and not next week? Usually they come out in the days following DC's solicitations, which come out the second Monday of the month. Technically this is the first week of October.
This is good news. I'm especially eager to see Georges Jeanty take on the Serenity universe.

Since Zack said in that interview that Joss wasn't directly involved in these comics apart from revealing a few intended storylines for the future, I wonder if this series can still be considered canonical after Zack finishes his first arc and other non-Whedon writers take over?

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[Generic "DUDE" - Slap the forehead] watcherinthewoods, you're right. Completely forgot to count the mondays. So, only next week. Then, this is pre-NYCC buzz, as it'll be over by the time January solicits comes out.
This won't be a very popular opinion, but I hope it'll stay as a miniseries only.
Definitely looking forward to reading this. Loved Better Days and Shepherd's Tale (as well as the short by Zach Whedon that was included in the Better Days collection). Haven't read Those Left Behind yet... I should remedy that when I have money again...
I could not be happier than to read Zack Whedon on the fallout from the climax of Serenity. A lot of Alliance people died in that final space battle (hopefully before they got raped and eaten) and their families have got to wonder if there was another, less dire way to upload the Miranda video to the Cortex. And I want to see Increasingly Sane River and Kaymon and possibly a space baby. And maybe Inara helping Mal figure out the politics of reforming the Alliance. And really just anything Zack comes up with.
katysha wrote:

I don't know what's the deal, cause I think they revealed it was gonna be Zack back in San Diego, didn't they?

You're not wrong.

Moving on to Serenity, which hasn't seen many releases in recent years, Scott Allie informed the audience Dark Horse is working on new stories set after the film written by Zack Whedon. (SDCC: Star Wars vs. Serenity, July 29th, 2013)

But Dark Horse didn't seem to put anything online about the writer over the last 2 months.

So, how long before release does one ask a Friendly Neighborhood Comic Book Store to reserve a copy? A month?
I'm not really sure how the folks who make the decisions came to the conclusion that Firefly/Serenity is best served by miniseries.

Unlike Buffy and Angel, we never really got to see a lot of the 'verse or its inhabitants. There are still mysteries out there that need to be resolved, characters who have things to do, and worlds that need to be explored.

And one miniseries every five years isn't going to cut it. I'm not saying that the franchise needs to be driven into the ground like "Star Wars," but an open-ended,ongoing series that could delve into things like Blue Sun, Inara's secret, and other open plotlines, would be nice. An ongoing series would allow these things to play out over time instead of just dropping them into short, forty to sixty page stories that fail to satisfy.
And one miniseries every five years isn't going to cut it.

Hey - they have to start somewhere.
Put it this way - Joss didn't release the literary rights to Firefly because he doesn't want crap novels. The comics are being written by his brother. I respect that, it would be very easy to mine Browncoats for money and basically wreck why people cared in the first place.
Any continuation of the 'verse is such good news to me.
I really look forward to reading this, and more adventures besides. Perhaps some day there will be another film. After all, there was a ten-year gap between Star Trek TOS and the first film, and Serenity was only three years after Firefly ended, though now it's 2013. It's a legacy that should continue and even if they were drinking Ensure in space, I'd still want to watch (if it took that long).

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