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March 07 2004

Andy Hallett interview A personal interview, Andy Hallett's first one after he got the news of cancellation.

In this exclusive interview, given to an Israeli Buffy portal, Hallett talks about meeting Joss Whedon, the changes in cast and sets in the fifth season, what he likes and dislikes about Lorne, the makeup situation, and the prospect of having kids...
A funny and insightful read.

Great interview. Andy's personality really comes through in this.

I feel so sorry for the cast and crew. They were obviously as shocked as we were by the cancellation.
I love Andy Hallett, he seems like such a sweet guy.

I laughed at how he didn´t know that Joss was Numfar, until David told him.
Wait. Joss is Numfar?
Yes, he is. Didn't you know that, or are you kidding?
"Joss is Numfar. Numfar is Joss. They're one and the same."
This is one of the best interviews I've read in ages. I love interviews by fans. Really must made an effort to see Andy in Belfast in June.
If you get him - may I suggest his partner in crime be invited too - Mark Lutz (Groo of Angel) - those 2 together are hystrically funny. They are friends in real life and hang out together and cause trouble for unsuspecting people. This one time at the mall.... :)
I didn't know that Joss played Numfar either! *goes searching for DVD*
Great interview btw, thanks for posting it.
Numfar also led the revolution in Pylea after Angel and the gang left, according to the Groosalugg in the season 3 episode "Couplet":

''Endless committees were formed. Committees splintered into factions, the factions into coalitions, the coalitions turned into subcommittees, until finally the more radical elements, spurred by a charismatic leader, did the dance of revolution."
Lovely inteview! He seems as nice in real life as he does on TV. My friend had told me when the episode aired that Joss had played Numfar (at the time we had lost our affilliate and I had to desperately wait for tapes to see the shows - horrible, horrible time in my life!!!). Anyhow she didn't tell me until after I gave her the tapes back and I couldn't remember who Numfar was when she mentioned him and excitedly waited for the DVD release so I could watch it again!

He kind of implied that CC was taking off a lot of time that last season because of wanting more time to be with her baby, which does imply to me that it made sense they'd want to write her out to. How many times can you explain her absenses for long periods of time. They had already had her go on a long extended vacation with Groo, she ascended and then she was in a coma for the last bunch of episodes of the season. Joss Whedon seemed stunned when her heard that she "was surprised" at not being asked to come back and he implied she was aware of the situation.

Anyway, they sound like a great group of people and like they have a lot of fun on the set. I loved the idea of Joss Whedon not telling anyone he was going to play the part of Numfar and wanting to surprise everyone. I loved Andy's comments about his thoughts on "why that Numfar guy" was getting special treatment. They just seem like a real fun group of people!
Do we suspect that Numfar and Joss are connected in some way?
Do you mean Numfar sublets from Joss?
Spike: Is everyone here very stoned?
Is anyone else having trouble opening this link?
Once again Whedonesqe and its many readers break a link. It wont work for me.

And wait, I think Spike is trying to tell us something about Joss and Numfar, but Im not sure what.
Yup, Coll. I can't open it.

As for Numfar and Joss, has anyone definitively seen them both in the same place? How to prove for 100% that they're one and the same? Joss's skin color seems a bit less green, but maybe that's due to make-up artistry.

I wish I were stoned. It's already one of those days.
Wah! I can't open the link either!

Re: Numfar/Joss. Ahh, the fandom that cries together, laughs together, too. Thanks for that, guys!
Keep trying the link, everybody - it's there, just crumbling under the pressure of hundreds of hits... ;)

Re: Numfar... so he led the revolution, did he? I never noticed that line, so thanks! Very important to know these things.
What a brilliant interview! Andy Hallet seems really nice and cool and we found out about Cordy's evil blonde hair!
Great interview. I too love when fans do the interviewing. It's far more revealing and amusing that way. Andy seems like a swell fella and *gasp* The mystery that was Cordy's hair is revealed. That plagued me for so long too. Glad I can put it to rest.
Excellent interview.

"When I first got to LA seven years ago - God, I’ve been here forever - I came with a friend of mine, Dawn, who’s related to Joss Whedon, so I basically got to know him socialy at first."

I wonder if this is Joss's sister-in-law, the one that the character Dawn was named after. That is the story right? That the character was inspired by something his wife told him about when her little sister Dawn was brought home from the hospital? Or something like that?...Wait, wait, wait. Joss? Numfar? Am I missing something?

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