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October 10 2013

Preview of Buffyfest's Scott Allie interview. As part of the NYCC announcement for Buffy Season 10 and Serenity, Scott Allie will be doing a interview with Buffyfest tomorrow. There's a 40 second teaser for interview on their site.

This is incorrectly marked with a spoiler tag. Now I'm disappointed because I was expecting spoilers. :-/
Coolness! Can't wait for tomorrow, NYCC!

Anyone else going?
Like I said,I rather be safe then sorry.I know he is joking in the video but based on past experience I wanted to play cautious.If a mod wants to remove the spoiler tag,feel free or if they want me too,I will.

[ edited by Buffyfantic on 2013-10-10 15:25 ]
Hopefully it will be removed. There's no need to be cautious when there's absolutely no spoilers in the link. I feel misled, and I'm annoyed that I even bothered to click onto this thread.

[ edited by watcherinthewoods on 2013-10-10 15:29 ]
There's no need to have a go at some one else because they're being cautious.
Haha this is hilarious. It's nice to see Scott joking around. He's usually such a serious guy.
That was amazing.

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