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October 10 2013

(SPOILER) Titus Welliver set to return as Agent Blake. He will appear in the sixth episode of Agents of SHIELD, reprising his role from the one-shot, "Item 47" (which served as an inspiration for the TV show). Episode title and synopsis available via the link.

I was wondering when someone from Item 47 would show up. I hope we will also see the wonderful miss Lizzy Caplan on the show one day. :)
Very excited about this, Titus has been in many shows I love and his turn in Item 47 was a lot of fun.
Anuris -- I've been hoping for Lizzy Caplan to show up since the show was first announced. ;) She's a bit busy over at Showtime, though, I think.
Well, Masters of Sex is only 10 episodes long, so maybe later in the season (they're probably just couple of weeks away of wrapping them). Here's also hoping to see Lizzy Caplan in the show.
JMaloney: Yeah, yeah, I know, but we can always hope, that when she finishes her study of human sexuality on Showtime (I actually quite like that show), she will head over to ABC to join the ranks of SHIELD agents. :) Maybe as a regular for the second season? That would be awesome. :)
Think they could afford to add two new regulars for season 2? 'Cause I can't imagine they'd pass up getting Cobie Smulders on board once HIMYM ends. ;)
Cobie Smulders has already said she plans on moving to New York once HIMYM is over to be with her husband (how she and Taran Killiam have made their relationship work across the country is beyond me).

So I doubt she'll be a regular on SHIELD any time soon. I think the best we can hope for is a recurring guest star. Maybe like 5 episodes a season.
Paul Zbyszewski is writing for SHIELD? He create/wrote the awesome Day Break, and wrote a few episodes of LOST too.
@VaughnOfTheDead Oh hey, nice to find a fellow fan of Day Break! :)
@D-e-f- Great show :-D Jeffrey Bell wrote for it too, so I'd guess getting Paul onto SHIELD was his idea.
@VaughnOfTheDead: I also wouldn't mind if they (for whatever reason) also somehow got Jonathan Banks (the actor who played Detwiler on Day Break but is probably more known these days for his brilliant role as Mike in Breaking Bad) to guest on SHIELD. Day Break was the first time I'd seen him and he's just magnificent.

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