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October 10 2013

Creative teams announced for Season 10 of the Buffyverse. Unveiled today at the retailers' breakfast at NYCC. Includes the previously released artwork by Rebekah Isaacs and what appears to be two covers from the upcoming season.

Buffy Season 10: Christos Gage, Rebekah Isaacs, Joss Whedon.

Angel & Faith: Victor Gischler, Will Conrad, Joss Whedon.

Christos Gage and Rebekah Issacs are the creative team on Buffy.

According to this Angel & Faith is continuing with Victor Gischler and Will Conrad as the new creative team.

This is a surprise given the way season 9 ended and Faith leaving London.
The Whedonverse talent pool is fairly incestuous, non? Will Conrad was the penciller on a lot of the Serenity books and he was apparently also an inker on some of the non-canon Buffy comics back in the day. And then, of course, you have Georges moving over to Serenity now. It's Musical Chairs: The Whedonverse Edition.
Ha, amazing news!

I really wished last season that the S9 A+F creative team was doing Buffy, and now they are! The new A+F team have some big shoes to fill though.
I'm trying to figure out how Angel & Faith is continuing given how season 9 ended for Faith.I suppose she could change her mind about leaving or another reason forces her to come back.I was expecting a Angel title but not the exact same one from season 9.

I thought Victor Gischler did fine on the Spike mini so I'll be interested to see how he handles this.

Of course I loved Gage and Issacs work on Angel & Faith in season 9 so I'm excited to see them move onto Buffy.

But where does this leave Andrew Chambliss?He was at the writers summit and confirmed his season 10 involvement in the last CBR interview.

Maybe he's handling a miniseries?I could see Georges Jeanty coming back for a mini possibly even with his Serenity work.
I've enjoyed Jeanty's Buffy work but Isaac's Angel and Faith work was amazing, so I count this as happy news. And Gage writing Buffy is exciting. He's very good.
Oh they NAILED it. I could not be happier! Unless... Gage and Isaacs were doing BOTH books. :) I'll miss them on Angel and Faith, but can't wait to see a Buffy story that actually WORKS. I fell in love with Angel and Faith in Gage's story with Isaac's art work. They became two of my favorite characters and weren't before. I think this is the right move by Dark Horse. And I quite enjoyed Gischler's mini, so I will be hopeful about A and F. :) And I also think Faith and Angel together still could continue to be really fun. I'm hoping Jeanty isn't too sad though, and that he gets a Buffy project to work on.
I don't know how to feel. I like that Gage and Isaacs are getting the main book and maybe a bigger chance to shine but I want them to stay on Angel and Faith(who are my favorite characters), I guess I'm worried that it won't be the same without them on it.
Good choices. Didn't think Angel & Faith was continuing as a title so I'm happy to see that carry on.
Great news to see a bit of a swap around. Will be great to see new takes on all the characters
It also looks like Joss is the colorist for both titles :p.
Surprised to see "Angel & Faith".

The way the first series ended, it gave the impression that they were going their separate ways.

And, being a big fan of Faith, I was hoping she would finally get a solo book.

But it's still good to see Gage and Isaacs back and working together; I'm sure they'll bring a lot to the main Buffy book.
Yay. Rebecca on Buffy, excited. Did not expect that image to actually be the covers.

No news on additional cover artist for themoment, right? It would be great to have Chen and Noto back on that in some capacity. Can't really recognize who are the artists on the covers accompanying the creative teams names.

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Gage and Isaacs on Buffy is awesome. I'm more skeptical about Gischler on A&F but that's mainly because I seem to be in the minority in not caring much for the Spike mini.
I didn't care much for the Spike mini either. I thought it was boring and pointless.
It gave me one of my favourite ever Spike moments, so I liked it (Link:). Conrad on Angel & Faith is exciting. I quite like what he did for the Serenity comics.
I didn't like the Spike mini either b!X. But I'm not sure if that was because of the writing or the fact that a two issue story was stretched out for five.

I'm not as enamored with Isaacs art as everyone else seems to be, but I'm glad Gage is working on the Buffy title. I hated S9 (which admittedly I haven't forced myself to finish reading yet so it could have gotten better) but they really need someone to refocus the series and I think Gage can do that. The only thing is I don't know how well Gage will go with the Buffy humor. I don't think many writers have been anywhere up to standard in that area besides Joss, BKV and maybe Goddard.
This is exciting. I wished multiple times that Rebekah Isaacs could take over Buffy but did not think that was possible. It's also nice to see Christos Gage writing as well because I thought he did a fantastic job on Angel & Faith. I am sad because I did love them on A & F but of course I am eager to see their take on the Buffy comic.
I am a mix of happy for Buffy and bummed that Angel & Faith got its top-notch creative team stolen. Confusing!

Not the biggest fan of the Spike mini or Gischler's other comics, sadly. Always liked Will Conrad, though--he was great on X-23. His work has changed a bit since Serenity, look here for something recent.
I forgot Conrad drew X-23. I really liked his stuff in that.
I think Angel & Faith is as much a Faith solo book as Buffy is a solo
Buffy book.

Great that Gage and Isaacs are back, telling more tales of Giles. My expectations aren't so high for A&F, so they have a good chance of impressing me!
Will Conrad is good news, I loved his work on Serenity, and his likenesses are excellent, so that bodes well. Isacc was great, but I was never 100% happy with her Angel likeness. My only complaint about her work, but a big one for me.

I liked Gischler's work on the Spike mini, so that's a fine choice. I suspected we were going to lose Gage to Buffy (when every review said A&F was better than Buffy the PTB had to pay attention!). Buffy needs all the help it can get, and this actually might get me reading it again on a regular basis.

I'm surprised that they are keeping the Angel and Faith title. Just because it seemed like the pair were going their separate ways at the end of the last season. How they are going to have Faith back in London is a mystery. Unless they are going to have two separate stories in the book (half the book for Angel and half for Faith)? It kind of looks that way from the cover - Faith in the circle somewhere at night, with Angel somewhere else. That would be crap. Just give them their own books in that case.

Guess we will find out later today!
I wasn't impressed with Christos' work on the A&F title.

He's a good plotter and had some nice dialogue but he wrote the characters in a shallow way.

While I had issues with Victor's Spike mini, I do think he managed to do the best job of any of writers in 9 of really nailing a character's voice (with the exception of Joss of course).
And isn't Joss's name on the comics more of a formality now? I doubt after the main plotting he has much to to with it.
Simon I had the same thought about Joss as the colorist! :-)
Pretty great news all around. Small twinge that Gage and Isaacs won't be continuing with A&F, but I can't really bring myself to be disappointed that they've moved over to Buffy. This has me excited about the main title in a way not many other scenarios could have - and I really needed that after having a difficult time with S9. I hadn't completely written off A&F continuing as a title despite the end, but I'm glad to see those two characters are sticking together - if they are, in fact, sticking together. The art does still lend some doubt as to how much they'll be in the same space at least to start out. We'll see. Up to Gischler and Conrad to keep the ball rolling in Gage and Isaac's stead. Eager to see their take on it.

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I hated the way Gage wrote Spike. I liked the way Gischler wrote him. So now I'm leery about Spike being in the Buffy book, even though those are the characters I want him to interact with. Any news on where Spike will land?
Looks to me like the Angel and Faith title is going to be sort of split, going off that first cover they're showing. Like a back and forth between two stories.
I'm not that thrilled with the joint cover (can we tell which title Spike will be in? Maybe going between both?), but I love the individual covers. Like everyone else, I'm surprised they're continuing A&F. My only concern is that I don't think Gage did a good job grasping Whedonverse humor (then again, I don't think anybody did in season 9- season 8 was much better than season 9 for that). I wonder if Faith is in an alternate dimension or something?

Also I too would like some more variant covers from Noto or Chen.

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