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October 10 2013

British band Anavae reference "Amends" in new single. The last verse quotes Travis's speech to Angel in the episode.

I checked out the video. It's not a verbatim quote, it's slightly rephrased to flow better in the song.

Relevant excerpt from Amends script:

Angel drops on all fours in the middle of the room, shaking slightly. As he tries to regain his equilibrium, we see a pair of legs walk into frame behind him. They belong to TRAVIS, a suited businessman of about fifty. He paces as he talks.

The thing I remember most was
thinking how artful it was. In the
dark they looked like they were
sleeping. It wasn't until I bent
down and kissed them good night that
I felt how cold they were. You
grabbed me and I thought, "Who would
go to so much trouble, to arrange
them like that." In my panic, in my
grief, it still struck me. But you

Song lyrics (starts at about minute 2:24)
In the dark it looked like they were sleeping /
They looked like [can't make out that part] how cold they were /
And who would go to trouble to arrange them like that /
And in my panic, in my grief, it struck me .../

This might be the strangest thing I've ever encountered. Well done.

Now, onto the more pressing matter of...

What on earth? Why did they do this?
Looks like jamesthegill has made someone's day.
Wow. Plagiarize much? George Harrison got sued for a lot less than that because "My Sweet Lord" vaguely resembled someone else's song.

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