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October 11 2013

Buffy reference in last night's episode of 'The Crazy Ones'. Find out what Sarah said in the bloopers part of the end credits. An animated gif of it can be found here.

Loved the reference! is a link to the video

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Yes, thanks. I just saw that.
That was so fun.
When I saw that last night, it actually surprised me so much that I gasped and hopped out of my seat. Made me so happy.
Is it wrong that I'm now imagining all the ways Buffy could be working in advertising in her thirties? For instance, she goes back to college, completes a degree in psycho-something (she seemed to enjoy those psychology lessons, until her professor tried to kill her at least) and use it to work on focus-testing. While still slaying on the side, of course.
I loved the reference and how Sarah just nonchalantly delivered the line.
It seems like she's taking a page out of Nathan Fillion's book.
Oh how I miss SMG as Buffy.
I can't wait for the Halloween episode where she goes as Faith.
@Wilhelm: She wouldn't do that. Because it's wrong.

There's a compilation video somewhere on Youtube with all the BtVS references found in other shows. This just beat all of them :)
And she delivered it just like Buffy would have said it. God I miss her playing Buffy.
I caught it too.
"Dukes of Hazzard thing"? Summers, you drive like a spaz.
And GreatMuppetyOdin walks away with the thread.

So was this actually in the ep? Or do they put out bloopers for every show?
It was in the bloopers and they do bloopers at the end of every episode.
Sorry, with my hearing problem, it just doesn't register for me.
I love the off-beat, very Season 6 way she has of saying it. She could have read the line as a joke, but she plays it seriously, in character as Buffy. Which makes it spooky as well as hilarious.
Buffy can never drive! :(
This is so cool .... I didn't know how much I wanted just one more word from Buffy until I saw this ... but the strength of how much this pleased me is almost inexplicable. Buffy was back for a moment!!!

I so would give up AoS and Avengers 2 in a heartbeat for another series of BtVS.
So Robin Williams was Buffy's dad after all. It explains a lot...
Loved the moment after the accident, Sarah just sounded like Buffy again. *le sigh*
I'd give up every single thing that I watch for more series Buffy. In a heartbeat.
Wait, they air the bloopers on TV after each episode? Or is this posted on the website or something?

On another note, I finally watched the first 3 episodes last night. Favorite new show!!

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