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October 11 2013

Tom Hiddleston does an impression of Owen Wilson as Loki. Not much else to say about that. Just watch it.

I've always loved his Owen Wilson impression... But as Loki?! It's gold :D

*sigh* how I love him
Paging joss. Ha.
Oh dear, I just need Joss to work with him again in anything, really.

I mean he took Joss's words and Owen Wilsoned them and it worked.
That's pretty impressive :)
Oh Tom. You just never say no, do you? XD Pure talent.

I'm reminded of James Marsters when he first started - makes me love Tom even more.
Wonderful, I love when he does impressions. My favorite is Alan Rickman.

Also did anyone see his King Henry V last night? Incredibly moving.
Hee hee. I love how he seems to be having so much fun!
Tom is a fantastic Henry V. Make me totally forget about old Kenneth What's-His-Name.

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