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October 11 2013

Much Ado About Nothing in colour. Some of those gorgeous promotional and behind the scenes pics, taken by Elsa Guillet-Chapuis, are now available in colour.

Ok, I admit, I really wanted to know what color some of those dresses where.

This makes me happy.
Lovely photos. Joss's house (& garden) look even better in colour! :) Though every time I see Clark Gregg in a suit now, I immediately think there's Agent Coulson! ;)
Anyone else kind of wish the DVD would include a colored version of the film? I'm sure it won't and it's not part of Joss's vision, but I think it would be interesting to see in any case.
Yea, an alternate "color" track for the video would've been a fun addition for sure. Like a language track but for your eyes!

And did I just see this right that they pictures in the shot with Amy on that couch/bench thingy are actual Joss/Kai family photos? Did they really leave those up there for the shoot?

Oh also: there's THAT shirt again that Joss seems to have worn A LOT during Avengers/Much Ado shoots. :D

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I would love an alternate color version on the Blu-ray. I haven't seen the film yet, but these gorgeous stills make me want to see everything in color, especially since it's all so beautiful.
Oh, too bad there's not a picture of Joss and Kai's daughter's room. That's the one thing he said on the commentary that he wished had been in color because the pink would have added a lot to the scene.
I love the black & white & wouldn't so much want to see the film in color. Except the kid's bedroom scenes. That would be funny.
Dangit, libradude, now I want to see it in color!

Now I too would like an alternate colour version.
i look at it this way one of my favourite movies is in black and white and now i've another one to add to the collection yah!
These look so nice! I don't think they filmed in colour though, so I think it would be physically impossible.
@Jaymii: Shot on digital, in color - desaturated to B&W during editing. All the footage probably still exists in color on a hard drive somewhere, but since it wasn't color graded in post originally, would likely be time and cost prohibitive.
Just because it was shot in colour, doesn't mean it works in colour. Colours that read well in black and white don't always work as well in their natural state. There's a reason Joss wanted it that way.

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