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October 11 2013

(SPOILER) Buffyfest's Scott Allie Interview. It's 53.39 minutes long.

Awesome! Folks check this out, the art is great.
He confirmed that dawn is different now. Can't wait to see how that turns out.
Yay 30 issues. That means Season 10 will finish late 2017, in time for the 20th anniversary of the characters.

It also means I'll be 37 when it finishes. And I started watching Angel when I was 20. This will be my longest fandom ever then:-) Season 11 might get me to 40 then, to my 20 th anniversary with the characters:-)
Buffy is my first and only fandom and I was 37 when I started watching in 1997.
So, mystery guest writer, huh?

I have my hopes about who it might be, but since merely stating the name would indicate a certain storyline, I dare not speak it. Every time I get my hopes up they are dashed. Oh well. In a perfect world...
Reddygirl: So, you're only 4 years younger than I'm.

quantumac : I dunno, a lot of known names are more flexible writers than they're creditted with.
You guys are kids! In 2017 I will be 64. :-)

Quantumac- Chris Golden would be my choice for a guest writer. Maybe for the same reason as you, even if a different writer. :-)
It's amazing to see the wide arrange of Buffy fans. I'll be 28 in 2017, and I started watching Buffy in 1999.

I can't wait, we're going to have Buffy, Angel (& Faith), and Serenity comics.

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