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October 11 2013

"Why We Love Lindsey" - an Angel essay. This originally appeared in the "Five Seasons of Angel" anthology.

This was a really fantastic essay.

Honestly, Lindsey was always one of my favorite parts of Angel, right up there with Wesley and Angel himself. I also enjoyed all the parallels between the two men. His death was also painful at the end of season five. I would have liked to see some redemption for Lindsey.
lindsey may have amused me in angel, despite lorne killing him in season 5 but strangley i would like to hear or see what happens to him next. if wesley was a ghost etc
I think one of the worst things Angel did was turn away Lindsey when he needed help... and then shoot him. I can't believe we've really seen the last of the most interesting character from that television show. I guess shot in the chest is really over, but... maybe... ...we'll see!?
well look at agent coulous he's not "dead" and he was hit fatally in the chest, so many shake ups thankfully i can keep up with them. but if were real life time frame i would be royally screwed lol!
lecter: No LMDs in the Buffyverse, though.
DaddyCatALSO: Remember the Buffybot, though? I know, not exactly the same thing, but a similar technology kind of exists!

Not really saying anyone should make a Lindseybot, but I do miss him. :/ I'll never understand why in Angel's world everyone reserves a chance at redemption - except for Lindsey. He was screwed over so badly. I'm sure there was good in him... if only Angel had been a little bit nicer the very first time he considered changing sides.

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