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October 12 2013

(SPOILER) A review of the fourth episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. 'Eye-Spy' got shown at NYCC yesterday and Bleeding Cool gives the lowdown on what happened. More spoilers for the episode can be found at Screenrant.

Is it me, or is that Bleeding Cool post incomprehensible?
No, I had the same impression, actually.
I actually only skimmed it to get the gist of whether it seemed to be moving in a more serialized direction. And it does, so woo.
I really wish the producers would turn the volume of the background music way down.
It is sometimes nearly impossible to hear the dialog over the swelling "movie music".
I know that music sets the tone sometimes, but in every scene? Please bring it down.
I've seen that comment a few times, and wonder if its to do with some audio set-ups. SHIELD sounds remarkably better and more filmic than a lot of other shows through my amp. Dialogue is crisp, and the swelling music barely swells in comparison to some other shows. The score definitely is noticable though, in an appreciable way. I like a good superhero theme.

However, the first few weeks are always a bit of a mix with shows it seems. I hope Jed and Mo are seeing the tweets about that particular note and can see what they can do for people. Dan Harmon lowered the volume on the Community opening after people tweeted at him - maybe the same can work here.
Agree sometimes it's hard to hear.
It's really weird for me as the audio sounds fine here. But I have a heavily tweaked sound setup as I have a surround sound home theatre setup for gaming and movies. There's definitely people mentioning this, though.
Yeah, I've never had any problems with the audio.
I can't get some of the stuff FitzSimmons say, particularly to each other which I've attributed to my inability to understand 2 Brits talking without closed caption on..

I had to rewind Trucker Agent a few times to catch what he was saying. Maybe the sound effects are too rich in that scene? BUT I adored him.

Skye is fine. I can here her words. But does she have many special effects rich scenes?

I'll pay closer attention this week.
I haven't even noticed the music yet - probably more due to my bad hearing than anything the show is doing.

Good review, I thought, even if slightly scattered. Makes me look forward to the episode.

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I cannot hear what FS are saying most of the time, but I rectified that by turning on close captioning.
Back to the review for a moment, I agree with Caroline by saying the syntax of the sentences in many cases were awkward to say the least.

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