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October 13 2013

Chiwetel Ejiofor and Anthony Stewart Head in "Dancing on the Edge" trailer. "Dancing on the Edge" is a five-part miniseries that begins on Starz in the U.S. Sat. Oct. 19. Chiwetel Ejiofor stars. ASH is visible at the beginning of the trailer; he's not mentioned on the Starz site, but he's listed on IMDB as being in all five episodes as "Donaldson". Extended trailer here.

This aired over here in the UK earlier this year. Only tuned in because of Ejiofor, ASH and John Goodman (the latter two don't feature too heavily, in maybe two or three scenes each ep). Not my sort of drama usually, but I loved it! Really well crafted and addresses some interesting issues well. Ejiofor was on fine form!!
The reviews of this in the UK were poor to middling from what I recall. The Shadow Line is a great Chiewetel drama series.
I really enjoyed this one until the plot happened.

Or to be less vague, the series does really well creating its setting and tone and many individual scenes are pretty good. But I felt let down by a poorly constructed central story.
For a Poliakoff drama I was a little disappointed with it, especially how it kind of just faded away.. But an incredible cast though.

I'm with Simon on The Shadow Line though - now that is worth watching.
Originally shown in the UK, back in February.
The trailers seem to be U.S. only.
It's interesting this mini-series is starting on the same weekend as "12 Years A Slave" in some cities (and two weeks later elsewhere). A lot of people will be happy to discover Chiwetel over the next few weeks

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