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October 14 2013

A round-up of reviews for last week's Agents of SHIELD episode. IGN said 'The Asset' "had some good veer left when it looks like you're veering right moments". SFX and Digital Spy both gave the episode 3 stars out of 5. Den of Geek thought the plot was "generic with a capital G". The Guardian recapper said the episode was "pure spy escapism - with the bonus of Ian Hart". And the Paste Magazine reviewer said "I'm starting to get attached to these characters".

Considering how nasty the internet age has made some pop culture criticism, the show seems to be holding up reasonably well. I think a lot of people want to love love love AoS and are waiting for an episode or story arc to really grab them.
I purchased the Agents of SHIELD season pass on I Tunes last night, so I think it's fair to say that I like the show. However, I'm waiting for a "Man on The Street" moment.
@dharmakirti. Curious that you would mention 'Man on The Street', as I feel the first few episodes of AoS to parallel those of Dollhouse more than any other Whedonverse show. I really do hope for that moment too.
I hope we're not going to have a "stage fright" moment first :)

It seems to me that professional reviews are nicer to AoS than most reviews in the discussion threads around here. Probably because they have lower expectations than us, but it's interesting nonetheless.
I'm giving the show the benefit of the doubt for the moment. It is a fun watch, but so far nothing terribly compelling. I'm most intrigued by May's character, she seems to have the most potential for interesting development.
I really like Skye. I didn't think I would, but I do. And is DRTC the season's big bad?
What about Ward? That character really worries me because he appears to be a tad one-dimensional. I don't know whether that's intended or the actor is too bland or is just a writing issue, but he almost makes Riley look like Mal by comparison. But I guess it will either pick up, or the characters/elements that are not working will be changed/eliminated. We have a full season ahead.
I'm also just waiting to see where this show goes. I hadn't really thought of it, but I definitely see the parallels between this and Dollhouse... however, I do enjoy these episodes more than the first few DH episodes... the pilot, I thought, was very entertaining, but the last two were kind of ho-hum.

Skye is great and Chloe Bennett is wonderful as her. Fitz and Simmons could be good, but I'd like to see them more when they aren't spouting techno-babble all the time. Humanize them a bit. Grant is one-dimensional and May just acts annoyed all the time.

It's still early in the game and I'm still enjoying watching the show, so I don't want to sound overly negative. I think there's a lot of potential and just want to see it realized.
I think Agent Ward is a super-soldier. One of those experiments to recreate Captain America.
I finally caught up to this episode this morning and... it was all right. Better than the second episode, for sure, which I found profoundly disappointing. Not quite on-par with the pilot, which managed to work in some actual emotional resonance (thanks in part, I realize, to my pre-existing feelings for J. August Richards and Gunn).

I would very much like it if the show could tone down the action-action-action a little bit. That may be hoping for too much, given the nature of the show, but I feel like Avengers had less action in two hours than any single episode of this show has had.

That said, I'm still in it. Looking forward to tomorrow's show.
I am greatly looking forward to episodes featuring May, Fitz, and Simmons. Especially the latter two separately. I'd love to see the characters just... socializing. Humanizing them, like LaneMeyer said.

Also, @LaneMeyer --- love your username! :D

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Lane. Meyer. I want my two dollars.
Haha. Thanks. Always good when someone gets an somewhat-obscure 1980s film reference. :)

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