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October 14 2013

The most ridiculous mystical pregnancies in fiction. Cordelia gets high billing for having had two.

If you count the forcible head-eye ball thing, Cordelia was pregnant THREE times, and the Covenant of Tromboni's plans nearly made FOUR. Quite a lot's been written about this with Cordy, as I discovered when putting together that Wiki article on her...
I think the writer of the article was trying a little too hard to be overwhelmed. If you're watching a a movie about male and female serial killer dolls, you really shouldn't be too surprised when weird stuff happens.
Cordelia's season four pregnancy after effectively incest raping Connor goes for the least fortunate, most questionable plot development within the Buffyverse in my eyes.
So does io9 only think TV and Movies count as fiction? Because seriously the whole Ms. Marvel one from Avengers 197-200 has to be up there too. In fact it sort of reminds me of the Jasmine one too.
Buffy's "pregnancy" in S9 should be added too !

Ugh, it wasn't mystical. Crap !

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what next guys getting mystrically pregant lol!? just a crazy random thought or is that too twisted?
effectively incest raping Connor

As she was neither a relative of Connor's of any kind nor forced Connor to have sex with her I think calling what transpired between them "incest rape" is pretty OTT. We have no meaningful ethical framework to apply to what transpired between Connor and Cordelia because nothing like it can happen in the real world. Had Cordelia actually raised Connor from infancy to adulthood and then slept with him there'd be some grounds for the complaint that it smacks of incest, but in fact all she did was tend to him for a fairly brief period when he was a baby and then encounter him a short while later as an adult.
Think of Woody Allen and Soon-Yi. Perfectly legal, really squicky. So was the Angel storyline.
Think of Woody Allen and Soon-Yi. Perfectly legal, really squicky

One can argue about the Woody Allen / Soon-Yi relationship (which was nothing like the way it generally got portrayed in the media at the time), however, had Woody Allen's entire relationship with Soon-Yi been that he was a friend of her mother's for a few months after the child was born and occasionally helped out with the childcare during those few months and then he had never seen the child again until she was fully grown, not even the tabloids would have seen any reason to make a fuss (other than over the age gap itself--which obviously doesn't apply in the case of a child who grew up in a separate dimension).

The reason the Soon-Yi/Allen relationship hit the headlines was because it was easy to spin the story as if Woody Allen had been in loco parentis throughout her childhood--i.e., that he had raised as her "father" and then married her. That false claim, if it had been true, would definitely have meant that there was something deeply squicky about the relationship. But it's nothing remotely similar to what was going on between Connor and Cordelia--who was, from Connor's perspective, simply a woman who had occasionally babysat him before he could even form memories.
yoink- might be time to read Mia Farrow's (yes, I know she is biased) story about this- see the new issue of Vanity Fair. It is still very squicky.
yes, I know she is biased

Yes, indeed, she certainly is. She also appears to be somewhat unhinged on this particular issue.

Not that the rights or wrongs of the Soon-Yi/Allen case change the simple facts about the Cordelia/Connor relationship.
I'm with Yoink on this one. Zero chemistry in the relationship, but Cordelia was neither the literal nor surrogate mother of the person Connor was by the time he returned to this dimension, and for that matter, by the time they got together, Cordelia wasn't really even Cordelia.
I thought the incest rape comment was a reference to the fact that Jasmine orchestrated her own conception therefore taking the choice away from both Conner and Cordelia and in essence raping her own parents.

The fact that Cordelia knew and briefly helped care for Conner when he was an infant was one of the major reasons I felt that storyline was icky but I never considered it incestuous.
I can see labeling what Jasmine did to Cordelia as rape - taking complete control of her body, etc - but all she did to get Connor in bed was bat her eyes and stroke his ego. Clear manipulation, but there remains a rather important distinction between manipulation and rape.
I agree on those distinctions - as much as "Condelia" was just yeeesh! to me, I don't feel justified in using any negative word available :-).

Mystical pregnancies can be used effectively; there were some clever ones in Mayan mythology, and the Kittenboard uses them a lot, usually fairly well, or at least well-ish.

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