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October 14 2013

Marvel preps package of four series and a miniseries. The entire commitment is said to be for 60 episodes, which would be shopped to various VOD and cable outlets, with Deadline naming Netflix, Amazon and WGN America as potential candidates.

I am surprised that it would be for non ABC networks but if this is true it could be potentially amazing especially if they went with cable channels it could signal some darker series.
I think there's a certain limit to how many Marvel series ABC could carry in their programming, especially if (fingers crossed) AoS is renewed and the rumored Agent Carter series is picked up at ABC.
If there is going to be any activity on the Marvel Knights I think this is the place. The Punisher, Daredevil, Ghost Rider have proven to be difficult to make into good films, but maybe a tv-series would suit them better. Luke Cage could maybe also get his chance here. And of course, female Marvel heroes, why not She-Hulk? I can't see her appearing in the movies anytime soon.
It's mostly two years of content, maybe occupying just one slot - which is doable - but streaming avenues like Netflix seem much more likely to me. Fingers crossed. The miniseries seems like a stranger proposition when you have four complete stories/series to tell.
Oof... overload. Feels like the new-SW-every-year, big-time overload. Which I guess is silly for a franchise that already releases about two movies a year.

But I'm glad to hear they're doing well.
There were (and perhaps still are) Hulk and Jessica Jones series in development at one point.

Actually, looking around a bit, it seems as though ABC passed on AKA Jessica Jones, and Marvel was looking into bringing it to cable. Seems likely that would be part of this package.
God help anyone trying to maintain continuity in the MCU.
Moon Knight. For the love of cheese, Moon Knight.
Cloak & Dagger. Maybe debuting on AoS first.
All leading to 2025, when every MCU movie and TV series tells one, single interconnecting story. ;)

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Beware, I might ramble a lot on this post:

Hope Jeph Loeb has hired some good people to try to keep-up with continuity.

Although, some thematically more self-contained projects could probably not be so affected, working in the context as something that exists in that universe, but only use it general setting of world rules. It could work with something like Moon Knight or Cloak & Dagger.

The article makes it sound like these 60-episode package are all live-action productions, so no animation are included.

Do wonder if it might include projects that target different demographics, like 1 more adult oriented, and something that's specifically for kids.

Some projects that were planned and dropped comes to mind, as some possibilities for this endeavor:

- Alias, one of the 1st rumored tv projects for ABC, that ended up not happening.
- Runaways, which was one of the big screen projects said on record that was sacrificed by the rise of The Avengers. Always thought it would work better as a TV series or mini-series, rather than a movie.

- Marvel recently got the rights for Blade back. Wonder if they might do something with it, even though it did get a TV show from Spike a few years ago. It could work as an already proven brand for viewers.

And going completely off (emphasis on off) the centre:
As one of the upcoming big screen projects is the Animated version of Big Hero 6 with Disney, I wonder if Marvel might some day work on something with Battle Fever J property, considering they're co-owners of that along with Toei (Not even sure how those rights go, considering Saban Brands current deal with Toei). As I said at the beginning, rambling....
My take: they need to keep their eye on the ball.
Katee Sackoff: Captain Marvel? Last time I'll mention it since fan casting campaigns never go well.
Maybe this could be used to get some of the more street level heroes out there.Characters like Daredevil,Moon Knight,The Punisher,Shang-Chi and Cloak & Dagger to name a few.
If one of them isn't a Sleepwalker show I hate everyone in life more than I already do.

Sleepwalker needs more props, man.

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