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October 15 2013

De Caestecker and Henstridge aka Fitz-Simmons talk SHIELD. There's an interesting insight into their audition piece that Joss wrote. IGN has a video interview with them as well.

Sounds like a good casting process, and it worked out well. They don't really need to point out that Henstridge is a bombshell. Yes, we know. Let us try to keep it a secret that Joss once again only casted pretty people. She is a good actor. The worst thing about De Caestecker is his last name. Is it pronounced Di Kai-stek-er? Good actor, too.
Both these two are great folk and acting wise - you guys have no idea. (Yet).

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It really shows that they auditioned them as a pair, so once again I am in awe of Joss's casting director. I would love to see these unused audition scenes as an eventual DVD extra.

In the video they seemed to be hiding multiple things. I can't wait to see them get fleshed out more as individuals. Gossi, why do you tease so much?? But it's good to know I have no idea.
Gossi, do you know something we don't? Is there any episode coming that is really going to show their acting range? And not rely on the sciency stuff?
There is an upcoming episode called "FZZT". It does sort of sound like "Fitz".
I noticed that one too. I have high hopes for some science geeks in distress soon. Because I am a terrible person.
I was fortunate enough to go out and see The Bus and the offices and such. It's a great cast, and the character journey has only just begun. The grey in this show ain't just Coulson's suits.
It would be neat if Simmons' thesis project (or one of them) was to !

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