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March 07 2004

Sexy Career Strategies. A very long article about Eurotrip with a knock-out picture of MT (whoa!). The whole thing is pretty interesting but if you just want MT, she's on pages one and four.

(This is a couple of weeks old but I know I haven't seen it so I don't think it's been posted. If so, sorry, my *total* bad.)

I don't see a pic on 4, but that page 1 photo is stunning. Here's hoping Michelle gets some better roles.
Um was it just me or did anyone have to do a double take on the "Jessica Bohrs" picture. For a minute there, I thought that was SMG.

Oh, and interesting article.
The poor girl should try to eat for a change. Don't want her to end up allymcbealish.
I think she's being a bit coy. When a girl wearing a tight, low cut, top has her photo taken leaning forward while squeezing her arms together acts suprised at the result....

Not that I'm complaining of course!

And I assume the bit she's talking about (the hitchiking topless while wearing a bit of cloth and tape) is the deleted scene in the end credits. Now, in most of Europe women will go topless on a beach without a second thought as to who is around or how many cameras there are. So when shooting a scene where she's facing away from the camera why be so modest? What's the difference?
Yeah I'm from europe originally, and topless is quite normal. I was surprised to find it's forbidden here in the states. Americans can be very prude.

Also, MT is a looker, and I've seen plenty pics that are great, but the shot of her in the blue bikini that we say everywhere in the trailer never worked for me. She's all ribs and bones there and it's a bit of an un-sexy top as well. Always thought they could've shot her a little better than that.

And yeah let's hope she's not going to be another eating disorder actress. We got plenty of those. Anyone wanna compare SMG in S7 to S3?? Egad! I think she just stopped eating, period!
people do change when they get older, doesnt mean they all get eating disorders

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