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October 16 2013

(SPOILER) Clark Gregg drops big 'Coulson lives' hints on Larry King Now. The Wrap has some intriguing quotes from the interview.

“Something much more magical has gone on to bring this guy back to life.”

Hmmm. Magic.
You would think but I recall Kevin Feige or Joss saying magic doesn't exist in the MCU. Unless it was Asgardian science.
There goes that weak theory. Didn't feel right to me in the first place, plus too obvious.

Fury what are you hiding? - besides everything.
Magic certainly does exist in THE Marvel Universe (remember Doctor Strange?) But maybe not in THIS Marvel Universe.
Magic has to come into the equation eventually with Scarlet Witch.
Didn't Thor say that magic and science are the same? So, if something has been done to bring Coulson back to life it could seem like magic but in the Marvel Cinematic Universe it is explainable as sciency stuff.

And as Eddy said, Scarlet Witch means magic. But then again her powers could probably be explained in a sort of sciency way.
I've read where Kevin Feige is keen to do a Dr Strange movie, so that would certainly open up magic into the movie/tv universe, but for now they're shying away.

Scarlet Witch was, at least in the beginning, more accurately a mutant with ill-defined "hex powers" Her true witchcraftyness didn't come until much later in the comics. I'd imagine Joss will use her in the same vague "she can do stuff" way in the movie

Continue to believe that Coulson is dead ( I like, because it keeps the Avengers key scene valid ) and his LMD/clone/avatar is walking about having not gotten the memo
That's the thing about Tahiti. It's a magical place.
It is possible that Clark Gregg is using the word "magical" in a non-literal, non-supernatural, more science-fictiony way.
You know. There is a person in the S.H.I.E.L.D. 'verse that has previous dealings with making their heart work when it shouldn't. And he's kind of a handy guy. I think Coulson has been Starked.

OT: has anyone done any Wizard of Oz/Avengers fan art? It just popped into my head. You've got a Tin Man, and Dorothy. Would Thor be the cowardly lion? And Capt. America the Scarecrow? (Sorry Hawkeye. That means you're Toto.)
Scarlet Witch's powers aren't magic-based, nor is she even a witch. She's a mutant with the ability to alter probobilities. Joss can't use the word "mutant" but Wanda's powers should remain the same as they do in the comics.
I still think Coulson's "it's a magical place" response is an implanted compulsion. Still like the idea that it's a counter-password that he will need in the future in response to someone saying "Tahiti."

And Scarlet Witch does have Chaos Magic power, depending on which version of her they're using in this continuity. She's even brought someone back from the dead before (Wonder Man).

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He can't use the word "mutant" in the show? Huh.
They can't use the word mutant in any of the MCU movies either. Even a vague off hand reference to anything X-men related will lead to Lawyer War III.
They could explain that there is a scientific reason for Scarlet Witch's abilites, and just avoid mentioning mutant or magic. I do not think that they will leave the realm of magic alone though, they will just change it a bit in order to fit it into the MCU.

EDIT: I wonder if they would go so far as to say that the powers of Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Dr. Strange all are derived from some piece of technology, like Stark's arc reactor. Quicksilver's suit could be a speed-suit and so on.

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I know what it is:

SHIELD's lawyers are old buddies of ours: the good ol' W&H!

Coulson's contract, too, extends beyond death. :D

He's obviously not a doll 'cause then he'd have muscle memory programmed into the package. ;)

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They've stated several times they're not going to touch the magic stuff AT ALL on Shield.
I find it funny that he can't use the word "mutant" on the show since it's a) a word that existed before X-men and b) his company is called Mutant Enemy.
Maybe Coulson was never human.
Maybe they can't add the Mutant Enemy animation because of the legalities of the word mutant. Oh, the odd humor of legalistic kerfluffle.

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