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October 17 2013

Scott Allie on editing, Whedon, Mignola, and more. Newsarama discuss with Allie the role of an editor in the production of the comics, with emphasis on how is like to edit Joss Whedon and Mike Mignola.

I'm not really a fan of Scott Allie, but as a person who spent 20+ years as an editor, his answers are spot on- editing is not about the personal glory, it is about making the people who write for you look good, and ensuring that everything is done on time. And that is not easy, to be sure. The best editors do work that is invisible; you never see their hand behind the final product. When we read a Buffy comic (or any comic), if you can see the voice of the author/writer, Allie has done his job. So, we can say that he has done it well, at least with the Buffy line of comics.

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