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October 17 2013

Jane Espenson at NYCC: Serenity, crossovers and Once Upon a Time. As ever, an enjoyable interview with Jane. Her thoughts on what she'd like to see in the new Serenity comic book mini-series are very interesting.

Great interview! I saw Jane Espenson at this year's con and she was as funny, insightful and down to earth as you'd expect. She is doing great work on Husbands and Once.

I wish AoS could snag her for an episode, particularly one that explores a character's back story. Her "Skin Deep" on Once, which was about Rumplestiltskin, was amazing.

Any ways, don't ever pass up an opportunity to hear her speak. You will learn something.
If Zack's hope for other writers picking up the crew after his mini comes true, Jane gets my top vote. Make it so! (Sorry, wrong spaceship show.)
I would so love her James Marsters wish to come true!
So looking forward to her talk at the Hallowhedon convention in Birmingham (UK) next weekend, have always loved her episodes in all my favourite shows.

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