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"Jayne's a what?"
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October 17 2013

(SPOILER) Sneak peek of Felicia Day on Supernatural. She's appearing in the Oct. 29th episode.

*winces at last photo* that won't heal quick. Bout time Cas and Charlie meet.

I really like the idea of the Men of Letters and finally a home base. Reminds me of the Magic Box/Library - especially with the cast growing :) family. And Crowley as their evilish pet.
Based on my tracking of Cas spoilers, I don't think Cas and Charlie meet here. But I so want to be wrong.

Looking forward to this Ep!
I love this show and it has been "must see TV" for me ever since Buffy ended. Felicia is a wonderful addition to the cast (I just hope they don't kill her off). And Mark Sheppard is extremely fun to watch as Crowley.

I do wonder though, how can the two leads act so well AND get even more handsome as time goes on?
Yeah, that's not Charlie with Castiel.
I know they don't show Cas and Charlie meeting but they are in the same episode and Sam looks to be breaking in to save Cas, so hopefully they will meet.

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