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October 17 2013

Interview with Sarah Paulson and photos of Chiwetel Ejiofor. Although they had no scenes together in "Serenity," Sarah Paulson (the doomed Doctor) and Chiwetel Ejiofor (the Operative) are reunited in "12 Years a Slave". Nice pix of Mr. E.

I just realised Serenity was released 8 years ago. Wow.

Very much looking forward to this movie.
This is a very good movie, but it is harrowing, so brace yourself. Mr. Ejiofor will certainly get an Oscar nomination and may well win. We loved him back when ... :)
I really want to see this, but I'm going to have to force myself to go.
I remember going to see Schindler's List when it came out in the cinema and being very grateful that there was a 15 minute break in the middle of the movie. Most of the stunned audience nipped out for a smoke.

I have a feeling "12 Years a Slave" would have the same effect on me.
I wish the movie was playing in my area.

Mr. E. Hahaha.
Simon, yes, it is somewhat similar to "Schindler's List," although "Schindler's List" is almost an hour longer. I came out of "Schindler's List" feeling as though I'd lost a day in another world. I came out of "12 Years a Slave" feeling like I'd been given a call to action, but not that I'd been somewhere else. I will say that "12 Years a Slave" is much more immediately horrific - that is, the violence is real time, so that we see a beating as long as it lasts, or until the victim loses consciousness.

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