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October 18 2013

A fan makes Maurissa Tancharoen blush. She tweeted about this fan song "I'll fight a Whedon for you", by Thom Dunn.

I usually intensely dislike geeky fandom songs/songwriting but loved this one. Adorable.
It's very hard on people like myself, who are both fanboys and egomaniacs, that we never seem to do anything to merit this kind of response *sigh-um. But doesn't make me less glad for Thom Dunn!

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DaddyCatALSO, fan love for work always gets a response. An emotional one at least.

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Umm, which language translator are you guys using?

I liked the lyrics, but where is Mo blushing?

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So....according to the comments, it's no longer SMG who's the mystery lady at the shelter opening Dr. H interrupts, but Kai? Hmm...that would make more sense than SMG doing an uncredited cameo ;)

But yeah...loving the song! Hope Mo and Jed take this in the spirit that it was meant and all :D
This is so cool. In a way that's not cool. Which makes it just cool.
gossi: Point taken.

lottalettuce, sorry fixed the typoes for "merit" and "anything;" "sigh-um" is a character quote, not a typo.

Just hit Twitter - she said it made Jed fume. Humorous.

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