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October 18 2013

Sarah Michelle Gellar's "The Crazy Ones" gets picked up for full season. James Wolk tweeted the news.

This is great news! I actually enjoy this show. It has its ups and downs, but there are enough laughs and genuine moments to keep me interested. And of course, I did a fist pump at the Sunnydale shoutout last week.
Sarah tweeted the news 3 minutes before James .She seems to be catching on to twitter pretty fast .
I was extremely hesitant after the pilot but with last night's episode I'm fully on board. Great to see both Sarah and James get steady work on something I enjoy.
The Crazy Ones has the makings of an important network comedy with long legs. What a cast!
"Oh, look - there's your mother."

I love how Robin & Sarah play off each other. She's so damn cute when she's doing comedy! I dozed through last week's ep, but I watched last night's, and when she hauled out the binder and drew her perfect circles I thought "I think I like her better doing comedy than drama." She was good in Ringer, and Buffy had its share of serious moments, but there's something so...endearing about her being flustered.

This show might grow on me. I can always watch Cook's Country/America's Test Kitchen in between BBT & CO.
Yes - I loved the perfect circles incident (I feel like I've heard that she can do that before.) To be honest I've been a little worried about this show since SMG's character Sydney is quickly emerging to not be the straight-man of the show (and I'm pretty sure there needs to be at least one Margret Dumont in the mix for the whole show to work) but I've been enjoying the hell out of the pure zaniness so far.
A sane center is not always a straight-man.
Great. I started watching only because Sarah, but the show is growing on me.
I enjoy it a lot, actually.
Haven't seen this yet--not big on comedies (says the person whose favorite show right now is Parks & Rec)--but I'm pleased as can be for SMG. Maybe I'll try the most recent episode first.
Yay! I'm happy it got picked up for a full season. The show and the whole cast are growing on me more and more each week.
Very good news, I really enjoyed this week's episode, and I think the show could get really good.
This show's growing on me, too, and I agree that SMG is really best doing comedic things. Ever so much preferable to Ringer.
There's a video at E! Online that shows the cast hearing about the pick up, and SMG and Robin Williams thanking the fans.
It's funny. This was the first week that I was able to just enjoy it on it's own merits as a show, instead of just worrying about how it was and how Sarah was in it. Rooting for it instead of enjoying it. This week I let go and enjoyed it.
I'm watching for SMG but yeah, I'm enyoying it and not just her. Great that it's coming back.
The ducklings won me over and made me a fan. Sarah's absolutely wonderful; the whole cast is growing on me. My only gripe is with Sarah's hair and makeup. I wish they would stop with the bleached blond hair and heavy makeup, and let her naturally beautiful coloring shine.
The driving episode won me, and I know it wasn't there best of the four. But I just loved that Kelley went there unintentionally or intentionally or not. It was a big Buffy shout out.

I love SMG doing comedy.

But I do think that you have to enjoy Robin Williams's comedy. My BFF doesn't. So she can't watch it. I think there's enough people though that do like his style.

I'm so pleased!
Amrita: I can see your point on the heavy make-up (maybe it's part of being an ad exec, ergo characterization?) but as for the hair, that's who Sarah has chosen to be.
I would have watched it for Robin anyway, or for Sarah, and the two together are magic. I'm very picky about comedies, but I really like this one.
I think her make-up was toned down on the last episode and she looked much nicer. It's been slowly growing on me, with the last episode me enjoying the most. Will definitely keep watching!
Sarah tweeted:
Check out my new skilz- My pen is as dangerous as my stake

And there was this little shout out in the end credits/bloopers...

Sunnydale reference!

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