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October 18 2013

(SPOILER) Sneak peek from Agents of SHIELD episode 1.05 "Girl In The Flower Dress". Two minute preview from next Tuesday's ep.

Fun fact: the score in this scene is actually from one of Bear McCreary's older series, Human Target.
Ward is perhaps the worst agent ever. Who gets made like that at his level of his profession?
Yay! Sexytime! :)
Sexytime -- now with magically reappearing shirts.

Aside from that, though, this is looking very good.

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Fun fact: the score in this scene is actually from one of Bear McCreary's older series, Human Target.

Ah... so I'm not crazy after all (fwiw 'tis, by far, my favorite score of his.)
Oh hey, look! It's Austin Nichols!
What an oddly small world TV-land is. He always gets to make out with all the super hot TV ladies. /jelly


By the way, I don't know what it is but something about the editing of that whole sequence bothered the lint out of my pockets. The Coulson in-car cam, the chase itself... someone get Lisa Lassek on the phone! Fix it!
Coulson looks so calm. Well, he's a robot, right? And the cuts are off, I agree. Ward seems to be his good old self, just oddly incompetent. But Skye, what are you doing?
I think it might be easier for the guy to identify Ward because Skye's already identified Ward for him.
Skye may be doublecrossing somebody again. Or is triplecrossing at some point?
So that's why I don't like the music for AoS and feel a general (negative) Human Target vibe from it (and the series as a whole).

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I have a feeling I'm going to love this one. I hope it's not a total misdirection and Coulson knew all along she was pretending to doublecross him and Shield just to get to the bad guys. I want Skye's loyalties to be really divided and she duped Coulson and Shield from the beginning. Isn't it much more interesting if she's been lying all this time?
Seemed to me that Skye telegraphed (maybe just poor acting or bad cuts) to 'target guy' that she wasn't really that into him before the clench; same way that Ward telegraphed (by the overly long gaze on the street) that he was ! Perhaps her super-spy-skill lies in being able to remove and replace a man's shirt during the throes of passion so slickly that he doesn't notice.
The acting in this show is so bad!

Except for Clark Gregg.
The acting is great. Poor show gets so much hate it would make you believe its the worst thing on tv... ever.
Darkness: you know what they say about satisfaction being the difference between expectation and experience.
I'm starting to believe people will say whatever they want about Aos no matter what the factual reality of the show and of the talent involved. At this point, who's on board is and who isn't won't change their mind. I see a very cohesive group of actors who's coming into their own as the show finds a proper identity. If many people thought this was going to be The Avengers: The TV Show when Marvel, ABC and everybody involved made it very clear that it was actually about the non-superpowered, "little" people of the Marvel Universe, then it's their problem, not Joss', nor Jed and Maurissa's, or the network's. If one doesn't want to be satisfied, nothing will.
I see a show that is better than Angel was at four episodes. More coherent than Dollhouse at four episodes. Nothing as bad as episode four of Buffy.

AoS shows promise. It hasn't even been on long enough for any audience or fan feedback to filter into new episodes. I'm inclined to give it a full season to develop.
I agree. For some reason for which I cant understand there seems to be a innate reflexive vitriol on some message boards and podcasts. As if they want the show to fail. On a random thought, Did you guys know there are AoS ringtones available on Itunes in the US already?
I'm still upset the first episode wasn't very serialized.
ImmaDeker, how can a FIRST episode be serialized in any way? What should tie into?
@Perseo I had absolutely no expectation that this would be The Avengers: The TV Show, and understood completely that it would be about characters without superpowers. What I did expect, however, was that it would feel like a Joss Whedon show, and so far, it doesn't to me. I'm not saying I'm giving up on it, but to say the criticism is all down to disappointment on the superhero front isn't quite right, methinks.
I __really__ hope that there is some underlying fantastic plot twist coming to explain Ward's continuing profound ineptitude and inexplicable incompetence. Otherwise, they could probably replace him with Maxwell Smart and do much better.

I call this "Lt. Worf Syndrome". It is when every new alien menace you encounter has to immediately beat the stuffing out of the toughest hand to hand fighter around (Mr. Worf) to prove their street cred. Eventually, even the Ferengi came on board and gave him a pummeling. Which just made Worf look like a loser and Picard a buffoon for keeping him around.

I have been concerned that the same thing would happen with Melinda May when they captured her so easily in the "0-8-4".

But still holding out hope.
The thing is, this show is a Marvel show in the same way it's a Joss-Jed-Maurissa show. Whether you like the show or not, it's the one series of his where, for committments to the Avengers 2 production, he's the least present.
I thought Ward did a decent job in the last episode by getting into the factory, looking at the blackboard and then shooting his way out. He seemed to know what he was doing and held his nerve. My money is still on him being a super-soldier of sorts.
The show is slowly growing on me. But it is hard for me to get past how young most of the agents are. It feels more like Professor X school rather than the organization that gave us Agent Barton and Agent Romanov. Maybe Skye, F&S are supposed to be late 20's but they sure seem younger than any characters in a Whedon show since Buffy's high school years. Even Ward seems young compared to Fury,Coulson, Romanov and Barton.

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