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October 19 2013

Chris Hemsworth interview. Includes a reference to Joss Whedon's contribution to the first Thor film.

"...[Joss] called Ken [Branagh] and put in a word for me."

What I would have given to listen in on that conversation...
I love this interview.
That was a lovely interview. Thank you for posting it, Night On My Side.
Great article. I like him.
Considering that Joss described Chris as, "Bigger and handsomer than a person," it's not surprising that he is the one who told him to try out for Thor.
I remember hearing about this in the "Cabin in the Woods" commentary!

Chris had already auditioned for "Thor", but the first casting director didn't pass him on to the next round. Tom Hiddleston and Liam Hemsworth were in the top four to play "Thor", but Kenneth Branagh still felt like he didn't find the perfect person. And then Joss Whedon called.

Too cool! And ironic that Joss then directed and wrote Avengers! :D
Hopefully that first casting director then watched Thor and said, "D'oh!"

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