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October 21 2013

A Disney character as Buffy Summers for this Halloween. In this artwork by artist Isaiah Stephens, Alice shows off some potential. It's impossible not to remind of the "Slayer, Interrupted" story arc that makes reference to "Alice in Wonderland".

Also Ariel as Black Widow.
I really think this guys stuff is adorable. Merida as Rogue kills me.
When I look at it I see Buffy - I don't really see Alice.
witchlover I was thinking the same thing - most of those look like the "costumes" more than who's supposed to be wearing them. Mulan and Merida were the easiest to tell. (Of the ones I looked at, that is.)

I think something of the original should have been incorporated, like Alice's apron, or her black headband.

They're cute drawings, though.
I can see Alice in the eyes, but that's mostly it.

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