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October 21 2013

Kickstarter For 'LURK': A 'Fray' Fan Film. Fans of Whedon's first comic book 'Fray' are seeking to put a fan film into production, and launched a Kickstarter campaign to make that happen.

Unless I am missing something they do not seem to have or intend to acquire the rights to make this film?
Do you need the rights to do fan films like shorts? Peoplr make shorts gor comic book characters alot. If this is legal then i would love to see it happen.
I'm down with fan films, but the crowdfunding thing makes it trickier. (eddy, yes you need rights; it's still someone else's property you're using. It's just that many rights-holders don't fuss about fan works. Some fuss about fundraising for them, however.) On the other hand, Fray is basically owned by Joss himself, and I can't help but wonder if he'd care much about a $9,000 crowdfunder for a Fray fan film. Which is not to say he'd have no right to be bothered, because obviously he does. I just wonder if he would be.

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There's only an issue if they make money off it. Joss has noted that before. All contributions go to developing the production.
O.F.A.W.B., that's up to the rights-holder to decide. Legally, making money or not is mostly irrelevant. (Just clarifying lest someone misunderstand the difference between the law and rights-holder choice.)

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Just throwing this article out there. Probably a good read for those thinking about donating.
That's a great article, Judedeath, thanks for posting it.
Commercial use is actually not the be-all, end-all of fair use. It's one aspect of one factor in a four-prong test. Non-commercial use is not a security blanket beneath which one can hide from all copyright lawsuits.
Maybe this is just me, but does it bother anyone else that their scythe is like twice as long as it should be?...
Holy Summer Glau lookalike.
The lead actor looks fantastic, despite the lack of purple in her hair. She also appears to be a professional actor, so that's promising:

If the rights are not an issue, I think it would be a lot of fun to see this. Of course, I'd prefer a real, theatrical Fray film, but failing that, a well-made fan film would be fun. But without some kind of statement on the matter (e.g., we talked to Joss, he said it's cool), I wouldn't want to donate to this project.

Also, if many of the people involved are in fact in the film industry, it seems like a bit of a professional faux pas not to contact the creator first. I mean, even if there were no legal issues, it strikes me as somewhat less than courteous. (In a way that would not be the case, if it were a couple of fans with no film expertise making something in their back yard.)

Oh, and I agree with Napoleon 27 about the scythe ... it looks *much* too long.
Watching the video, it seems very within the realm of possibility that Joss knows about this project and has made some sort of non-specific supportive head gesture at the prospect Amy Dallen is credited in the video as a consulting producer, and she is a vlogger on Geek and Sundry's Vlogs channel, a side project of the G&S channel that made Written by a Kid (which Joss starred in an episode of).
Is Joss' approval actually what makes it happen on "Fray"? I don't feel like fishing out the books, but I gotta think that the publisher has a dog in that fight. I'm not sure 20th does because if I recall "Fray" stays pretty scrupulously above originating from Dark Horse's "Buffy" license, but maybe them too.
Copyright belongs to Joss according to the blurb in the trade. Amazon's Look Inside feature is quite handy as they always have a link to the Copyright section.
Legal issues aside here (as they're murky at best) I have to agree on the fact that the scythe is huge compared to what it should be.
I can accept that though given that the actress they've chosen for Mel looks absolutely perfect!
Ok, maybe I'm spoiled by a lot of the video game kickstarters but legal issues aside waiting until the 50 dollar level for access to the movie is kind of steep, I get physical copies cost money and all but they couldn't have a digital version for cheaper?
I believe you receive a digital download with the $20 dollar pack. Sorry, I'm on my phone at the moment and having some issues loading the kickstarter site to grab the quote.
Yeah, it is in the 20$ pack, I guess I just skimmed over it. I'm surprised and worried by it only being add 5$ for outside the US shipping, as I'm used to most kickstarters it being 10$ so they might be underestimating the reward cost which can and has killed projects before.
The only thing that disappoints me about this is that I feel that if it really happens, there is less impetus for Joss to do anything else with Fray. And I cannot tell you how much I love Fray & want to see this story continue in some form- by Joss. In fact, it seems the most logical and doable aspect of the Buffyverse to film.

And yes, Summer Glau lookalike. She's a nice looking actress but doesn't look like Melaka nor does she sound like I imagined.

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