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October 21 2013

Tom Hiddleston does an impression of Samuel L. Jackson as Loki. Go watch (NSFW).

Maybe Joss could bring Tom into Avengers 2 to play ALL of the Avengers.
I saw a compilation of Tom's impressions on YouTube, quite good, not sure who all of them were, but this topic begs the question: "Yes, but does he do ... Walken?!"

Right now, Fillion/Hiddleston Walken-off. Let's do it!
The ad *before* the impression is one of the strangest things I have ever seen.
Funny video, but it reminded me of how badly I want to see Only Lovers Left Alive. o_o
haha:) Good...but not as good as his Owen Wilson as Loki:)
Very Funny. Might want to add that it is NSFW. I started watching it in front of my 2 year old, hopefully he didn't learn a new word...
I'm wondering if he is getting a little annoyed with all these requests.
Part of the pleasure I get from these is how much fun Tom seems to be having. He always ends with a giggle. Love it.
Well, they keep asking because he keeps being such a sport about it. That's why fans love him
"Circus Bear that I am..."

I love that he describes himself that way. So cute. He never says no. Velociraptor at NerdHQ? Yep. Line dancing with Korean schoolgirls? Of course. Impressions of all my co-stars doing whateverthefuck? SURE! Awesomely cosplay Loki at Comic-Con? Of course! And I'll write that one, too!

He is a true performer. And a consummate gentleman. I have never spoken to anyone who knows who he is, that doesn't love him.

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