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March 07 2004

Which of these TV shows would you like to save? Yahoo! poll

vote on the lower left corner. don't know when it'll be off the fornt page, though.

wow, look at Angel kicking that booty
Yes! Angel kicks Boston Public's ass, which comes in a very lowly second. I wouldn't be surprised if Angel also does extremely well in the eonline poll, the results of which will be revealed on Wednesday. It is interesting that yahoo and eonlline are including Angel (already cancelled) in "save our shows" polls. All the other shows on these lists are at worst on the bubble, as far as I know.
Buffy was mentioned on Crossing Jordon tonight - so cool. To bad they didn't say Angel. Glad to see Angel is still being treated as an endangered show and not an axed one.
Yeah that is pretty supportive of those polls. And I noticed Tru didn't dare so well in that. I guess she is still on the bubble, since besides that Budweiser thing, there's been no word on her second season. Well, it's simply not very good.

Anyway, Angel a clear winner. Always good to see these types of results if only to realise we're not alone.
i heard that tru calling already had a second season signed? was that just a rumour?
"Tru Calling's" season 2 pick-up has been rumoured, but not confirmed by FOX.

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