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October 22 2013

Serenity: Joss Whedon's dry run at The Avengers. Badass Digest has a look at the similarities between the two movies.

"Evan takes a look at two of Joss Whedon's biggest films and finds some surprising similarities." You mean two of his biggest films out of the all of three films he's made?
I don't consider the opening narrative of Serenity to "knowingly" be the "low point" of the film. I thought it provided a great deal of exposition in a quite clever and interesting way.
Or we could look at "The Avengers" as a sort of better-funded, better-publicized abstract remake of "Serenity" ...
Where are the comparisons between Much Ado and Serenity, that's what I want to know.

Where are the comparisons between Much Ado and Serenity, that's what I want to know.

NYPinTA | October 22, 23:51 CET

Well...other than Inara and Mal being similar in their struggles with UST to Beatrice & Benedict and Kaylee & Simon having certain parallels to Hero and Claudio (though Sean did play Don John the Bastard in MAAN ;P), I dunno how one compares Much Ado About Nothing and Serenity...other than against-tradition renditions of Shakespeare and a Western or siege film.
For film geeks like me, that opening "oner" in Serenity is a miracle. I always found it surefooted, the polar opposite of awkward.
I'm not sure Evan Saathoff was critiquing Joss and Jack Green's filming choices as much as he was probably saying the contents of the oner, with Mal speaking to every BDH one by one (barring Inara and Book) and having a dialogue moment with them, seemed a tad overly structured and not as organic as desired, Tin Ear Tom. I don't personally agree, but I can understand the point he's making re: how realistic would it be to have 6 conversations consecutively and every one exposition-filled.

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