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October 22 2013

Joss Whedon loves BriTANicK and so should you. Mashable speaks to Brian McElhaney and Nick Kocher about working with Joss and Much Ado About Nothing.

Wow, here's hoping that their pilot gets greenlit! I'd love to see what BriTANick can do on Comedy Central.
Interesting that the writer referred to MAAN as a "major studio film project".
(I can understand the emphasis that this wasn't a YouTube project, but still...)

And somehow the Purple One has converted this fan site into his personal blog.

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"Mainstream" media don't really get how Joss doesn't really have an official website, and when he something huge to say that take more than 140-characters at a time, he'll just post something here even if it's a comment to clarify on matters like millions of $$ he's not making, and confusion is made.

Oh, And even what can be considered official channels like Dark Horse website link back here.

And that video of them making the MAAN cast talk about their favorite co-workers on the movie, still hilarious. Which reminds me of recent Reed Diamond news that's not on the front page.

But, man, calling MAAN a major studio film project is so freaking weird. There might be the confusion with Lionsgate being the main distributor for the movie, even the international copies that were distributed by Kaleidoscope, used Lionsgate print of the movies with the updated credits compared to the one shown at TIFF in 2012.

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