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October 22 2013

How Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s ragtag crew will become a family. io9's Charlie Jane Anders chats to Jeff Bell about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the theme of family and much more. There's also vague hints about what to expect next on the show.

People "hate" Skye & Ward?
Certainly seen a fair bit of critical comments in various threads focus on being dissatisfied with Skye and Ward, slanging their potrayers' acting or their characters being inexplicably incompetent at their jobs (though I haven't seen Skye get a chance to really bust her hacker stuff out yet). I personally can see where these comments are coming from but don't really agree fully.
They're booooorrrring.
Best way to improve Skye and Ward without having them date: reveal their backstories. Who are these guys? Once we know, they'll be more interesting
I don't want them to become a family. I want them to have the natural conflicts of diverse personalities being forced together. They can have brother/sister, parent/child and lover spats in later seasons after they have earned them.

They should suffer and learn the consequences of a loose ragtag team before they become a coherent competent one, especially since half of them have no field training.
Is anyone else wondering if some of the Bads of the Week, like Centipede and the Eye Spies, are actually part of SHIELD? If SHIELD is compartmentalized, as spy agencies must be, with knowledge shared only on a "need to know" basis, then different operations at the lower level don't know what other operations there are. There could be a part of SHIELD tasked with building in-house SHIELD superheroes (with Centipede working on prototypes), another part raising funds for (the incredibly well-funded) organization illegally, using the Eye Spies as their unwitting, unwilling operatives. It all depends on which bus they're on. And if there's more than one bus, I wonder if there's more than one Coulson.

I ask because the solution to the Mike Peterson problem that Centipede came up with was not especially different from Fitz's suggestion--shoot him in the head. And while the Centipede doctor did act villain-mean to Mike, her concerns were not inappropriate for someone working on a covert operation. And Centipede's solution--kill one person before he kills lots of other people--is not so much villainous as it is, well, what Coulson did in episode three.

I just think it would be especially interesting if Coulson's team wound up fighting another version of itself within SHIELD--another ragtag team of extremely well-funded, highly-trained or -educated operatives, perhaps led by their very own, slightly darker gray Coulson. With a goatee, so we can tell him apart. And because he's eviler. It should be a character-driven beard.
Centipede and Eye Spies don't seem to have anyone's best interest as their first priority though, so I doubt they are part of SHIELD.
Well, there are ways Centipede and the Eye Spies can view themselves as good. With Mike, Centipede took a man who lost his job because an injury and gave him strength that more than compensated for his disability. The Eye Spies stole jewels, but so did Buffy in S8, and the former might have a similar ends-justify-means rationalization. Since both organizations are secret, we don't know whose interests they're advancing or what their rationales are. To me, that makes it more interesting, because it raises the never-finally-settled question of what makes one a hero or a villain--and the equally interesting question of what makes one get designated as a hero or villain by others.

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