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October 22 2013

Showtime renews Homeland. Good news for Morena Baccarin. The show has been picked up for a 12-episode fourth season.

Unless she gets killed off. What if there's a terrorist attack at her house?
This show isn't getting better the longer it goes on. Good news for Morena's job security though.
Good news for former "Buffy" writer Howard Gordon as well :)
I'm glad for Morena but this show has turned into a complete trainwreck.
While much weaker than the two earlier seasons, I think this season's doing just fine. They're trying to revamp the show now that the ever-present "is he a threat? isn't he a threat? will someone believe Carrie?"-vehicle is gone. With the reveal in the latest episode, I think they're well on their way to figure out how to do that, though admittedly they're not there yet. So I'm happy for a fourth season. Presumably by then they'll have found their footing again. Certainly all the episodes so far this season have felt like an extended preamble, so I'm keeping faith that they'll deliver something quite solid in the end.

Edit: And if nothing else pans out, they're already doing a lot of good stuff with Saul, who's always been by far my favourite character anyway.

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There were a few things I didn't like in season 2, but this week's revelation put everything back on track as far as I'm concerned. I'm more interested than ever in what's coming up next now. So this is very good news.
Maybe they could get Shonda Farr to play Morena's sister or cousin . . . .
I have just discovered this show and watched the first 2 seasons quickly, in binge-fashion. This last episode was really good with the surprise twist, but the episode before that had me wishing that I was in a mental institution! Very depressing! Still, I'm happy to see this being renewed. Love Claire Danes' work on here!

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