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October 22 2013

(SPOILER) Promo for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1x06 'FZZT'. This episode will air in two weeks time.

In Germany on Sky Pay TV: 3/episode :-/
I have to say, while I've been enjoying the show fine so far, this promo makes this next one look like a step up.

Is that just because they have changed the tone of the promos in some way?
What's FZZT anyway? Is the sound of a machine dying?
Or maybe Fitz.
The brief flash at 0:19 looks like a Chitauri mask/helmet, right?
sure looks like it:
What I like about this one is that it looks like Fitz and Simmons both have some dramatic moments in it. Up until now, they've been basically standing on the sidelines with no real character development... or heck, even humanizing qualities. The show will improve as the entire ensemble grows and they've been trailing behind the others.
The Chitauri were linked to that giant spaceship. Is it possible that the helmet is making the FZZT sound? It has to be a sound. Maybe they could have some characterization, rather than being mindless soldiers. Also, it would be nice if they were shapeshifters, like the Skrulls. They could maskerade as normal humans, like in the Secret Invasion arc or the Ultimates.
Wasn't there a comment from someone in Marvel where the Chitauri were stand-ins for Skrulls?

Or was it just that they replaced the skrulls in regards to the first avengers mission or something?
Wasn't that Skrull writing on the blackboard last week?
I think it's a sound/malfunction sort of thing AND something to do with Fitz. I liked that "Pilot" and "The Asset" both worked two different ways.
I believe the Chitauri are stand-ins for Skrulls.

FZZT could also be a Skrull/Chitauri name. KL'RT is the name of the Super-Skrull, the most powerful nemesis of the Fantastic Four. I think all Skrulls have similar names.

There was Skrull/Chitauri writing on that blackboard.

Something is happening to Fitz I think. Skrulls/Chitauri may be involved.
Look up FZZT branes on a search engine of your choice.

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It's a mathematical concept related to string theory and M-theory.

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I read about it. I do not understand it. Fitz and Simmons better get som character development, something beyond the scope of science and technobabble.

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