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October 23 2013

Ratings for "The Girl in the Flower Dress". It's dropped two-tenths to 2.6, coming in second to NCIS.

Looks like just about everything was down or stayed even last night, though. The Goldbergs and Brooklyn-Nine-Nine were the only ones to see an uptick (both went up by a tenth).

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Is this the first time NCIS has beaten AoS in the 18-49 demo?
As usual ABC spins into the target male demographic.

"SHIELD" Is Tuesday's #1 TV Show for the 5th Straight Week in Key Men

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (8-9pm - 7.1 million and 2.6/8 in AD18-49): ABC's Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. earned a strong second place in the 8 o'clock hour with Adults 18-49 to CBS' NCIS, beating NBC's The Biggest Loser by 30% (2.0/6) and Fox's comedies by 73% (1.5/4). It was once again the #2 scripted TV show on Tuesday in Adults 18-49 (tie). The ABC drama continued to win its hour with Adults 18-34 and key Men (M18-34/M18-49) to rank as Tuesday's #1 TV show for the 5th week in a row in Men 18-34 and Men 18-49.

S.H.I.E.L.D. paced within 1-tenth of its week-ago Adult 18-49 Fast Affiliate rating. Please Note: The show has been going up by at least 1-tenth of a rating point each week in the National ratings.

Last weeks overnights were 2.7, so it's down 0.1 from that. (They have been revised up later the day every episode so far).
Once again, totally fine.

Is this the first time NCIS has beaten AoS in the 18-49 demo?

The mothership? No, it's been beating AOS pretty consistently. This might be the first time NCIS: LA has tied it, though.

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Finals adjusted up to 2.7, 7.4 million viewers. Now next week is a repeat of the pilot, let's hope new viewers get on board, and the week off gives ABC time for promotion. November Sweeps episodes, if one needs to judge from FZZT's promo, should be quite compelling.
There's definitely stuff around the sweeps 'sodes.
Any chance of cross promotion with Thor:The Dark World?
From what I've seen so far, it feels like Marvel is not all in on this show. Yes, they mention MCU related stuff all the time but it feels like show is treading very lightly on established Marvel comic lore.

I understand that the show has to stand on it's own, but I can also understand if people are disappointed because all the hype was based on the potential crossover with what was happening in the movies. This might have been an unrealistic expectation, but let's face it, the structure of the show is based on "let's compete with NCIS."
"I'd rather make a show a hundred people HAVE to see, than a show a million people "like" to see".

I may have that quote wrong, but AoS is the first Whedon show which feels like it was designed to be the latter.
To be fair, this is also the only Whedon show with a number of corporate entities involved, and indications are that all of them want slightly different things from it.
Yeah I accept that. It's just a shame, because right now, it's not a particularly good show.

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In your opinion.
Exactly. I'm loving the show just fine. I'm quite bummed with shows that take off immediately and then get stale in season 2, I'd rather have a build up. SHIELD can only get better, and we're seeing it.
Gossi - I don't claim to speak for anyone else.
I think it's a good show. I don't think it's a *great* show. Yet.
AndrewCrossett -

Given the talent involved, I remain hopeful that you are right. But a long way to go if that's to happen.*

* in my opinion

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