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October 23 2013

Sean Maher will guest star in Arrow. He will appear in the tenth episode of the season as the serial bomber Mark Scheffer, also known as Shrapnel.

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Love this show and love that they are obviously Firefly fans. Simon and River Tam back together!
It would be interesting to see if Sean Maher and Summer Glau have any scenes together since her role is re-occurring.
I've been watching season 1 on Netflix. Excited about this development!
I guess Drew Z. Greenberg being an executive producer has a lot to do with this.
And the villain roles start rolling in for Don John. Good. Good.
It's funny, but I've just realized Firefly's cancellation meant we never got to see Sean do evil or malicious or dark as part of any episode. An "Angel loses his soul, becomes Angelus" type of scenario where Simon's culturally-repressed emotions get let out...blatant charisma and stunning confidence mixed with a dark cruelty stemming from years of sublimating frustration and anger. Especially a moment where River or Kaylee has to face down a version of Simon who is more than capable of emotionally savaging them.

But yeah...I hope Rochev and Shrapnel get a scene together, just for the mere fandom squee factor ;P

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So many whedonverse actors appear in this show. I love it!

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