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March 07 2004

"ME Insider" Posts at the WB Board. SteelDogDG returns with some (as of yet unconfirmed) news about the future of the show.

There are some additional meetings going on this week with the PTB. I cannot elaborate with who but only tell you that it is someone we are all familiar with.

Does "yay!!" cover it? I know it's all talk right now, but it's something.

Not familiar with the WB board. Is SteelDog trustworthy? I've seen elsewhere he was described as a WB insider, and here he's called an ME insider. Just wondering. Don't want to get my hopes up too high.

But it does lend credence to the SkyOne issue, if indeed this is true.
IF, and I say IF this SteelDog is for real, may I be the first in line to do the old-school Arsenio Hall "woo! woo! woo!"?!

Must get more postcards tomorrow!!!!!!


I'm all giggly, I can't stop. I absolutely LOVE the fact that we, the fans, have proven to be so completely ANNOYING to the suits-in-charge, that they're at the very least having to talk about the show again.

Again, I say "HA!"

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I think ME has a friend on ME, but I can't remember the details. He does seem to be reliable.
Since he's been a reliable source in the past, I see no reason to question him in this case. He's posted there for years and has a pretty good reputation, so here's to hoping he's right about this one.
Would someone mind telling us what this person has been right about in the past?
Dang, I just went over to the boards on the WB and they are HOPPING with the news. It's craaazy over there. Now they're talking about sending flowers to Levin. Hah. I hope he's got flower allergies...
The flower thing has been planned for over a week now for 3/10 delivery - it was either for killing him with kindness or just annoying the hell out of him another way - since - he would never see the postcards or emails personally. Nobody can ignore a room filled with flowers.
Do we really need to post about every "insider" on every message board that claims to have big information? It seems kind of silly to get any hopes up until we hear something official. I usually rely on Whedonesque for very up to date and accurate news, but lately it seems there are all sorts of shady and unconfirmed stories popping up.

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I don't mind the posting of rumors. I actually come to Whedonesque for every little thing that pops up, and I'm never disappointed! This rumor seems the most reliable so far, but still don't have a lot of hope.
Does anyone remember what the last SteelDog posting about Angel was that we discussed here? I'm drawing a major blank as to the exact subject (or what to search for in the archives), but it was recentish. I seem to remember RavenU chiming in and being rather familiar with SteelDog's history of accuracy on the WB boards, etc.

If I remember correctly, SteelDog is a more "known" source than the "Oz" person on CoA or the whomever person who posted about Sky One. Not that this means SteelDog has any real information, but just that I believe he's been a fairly steady presence over time on the WB board. Or?
This rumor seems to be the most reliable of the bunch. The poster has a considerable about of posts and people say that he's been right about other issues before (that's a plus). Also, he isn't promising too much. If he said something like, Jordan Levin changed his mind last week, and they've signed the papers. Blah, blah, blah... Then I'd have reason for concern.

I hope this is infact true. Only time will tell. I wish there was some word from Joss.
SteelDog was the first person to say that fans should mail UPN after Angel was cancelled in February. He later amended his post after his friend at ME saw his post and told him that that was actually the plan if Angel was cancelled last year. In any case, the information did turn out to be helpful. People who post on the WB board are familiar with him, and say he is reliable. He is also a close follower of "Smallville."
In light of various Angel renewal related stories from various boards coming through at the minute, can posters mark them as rumours as such or as an unconfirmed story. That's why I have amended +Faith+'s post.

I've no reason to doubt what SteelDog's said, I just want to see it placed in its proper context. It is still a rumour and until official news comes through, it should be treated as such. A lot of people rely on Whedonesque for news etc.
Based on some of the above comments, maybe we need a "RUMOR" tag similar to the "SPOILER" one so people who don't want to read the rumors can opt out of them!

(ha-ha -- kidding mostly. I'm sure there are umpteen bazillion reasons why this isn't really such a good idea.)
Melsta: I was toying with that idea this morning, but the way our categories are set up (by different 'series') it wouldn't be logical.

ps. changed my nick from prolific to Caroline.
I've been thinking that SteelDog's "info" might have to do with continuing meetings over future Angel "specials" on the WB.

I second (or third or whatever) calls for people to be careful in how they describe rumors they post. A prominently placed "unconfirmed rumor" would be nice. Anything less seems less than Whedonesque-style classy. To make an analogy, I see Whedonesque more as the New York Times rather than the New York Daily News.
I think someone should send this lovely FTD arrangement for the "Flowers for Levin" campaign.
That's rather funny, kmacp. Even funnier would be if Levin suffered from a terrible allergy to pollen. The Angel Cross causing Levin to become all puffy and unhappy, hee hee, hah hah.
I agree with the rumour disclaimer on posts. I don't mind them being posted though as it doesn't seem to be too out of hand, I like to hear every little thing too. There's just not a whole lot of great news right now so I'll take what I can get.

phlebotinin--here is the other SteelDog discussion. It was nychick who vouched for "him".
Uh oh, I just saw this posted at the WB board: Did everyone here read the SkyOne article from Whedonesque?
Talks were in progress still they said.
I think prefacing our posts with a rumour disclaimer is definitely in order. Whedonesque is a very classy joint and I hate to see unreliable info attributed to it.

(Whoa--saw the "Caroline" and got momentarily confused!)
"Uh oh, I just saw this posted at the WB board: Did everyone here read the SkyOne article from Whedonesque?
Talks were in progress still they said.

WTF? Whuh-oh! I fourth the rumour disclaimer.
Yeah, or at least have those who post clearly state that it is a rumor (if you must post them).
I think they should be posted - it would be a shame if they hadn't been posted here and they turned out to be true. But I agree that a rumour notice should be added as it can be confusing.
I am glad to see it. This seems to be a more legit rumor and it gives me hope. A season without a Whedon show is just not a thing of possibility! ANGEL must be renewed.
As poster of the Sky One thing, sorry if that's upset anyone, I for one will start all future links I post that link to rumors with the word "rumor", I'd like it if I never have to, I'd like it if someday soon, I or someone else got to post the news that the show had been renewed.
I probably didn't put rumor because I sooooo want it to be true, TV without a Whedon show just won't be TV anymore.
I'm glad you posted it Ghost Spike. We've already seen how quickly these things get out of hand. Easily it could have made its way to a marginally legit news source if we hadn't seen it and then we never would have known how shaky its origins were.

It's also made me realize how much I value everyone's comments here. When I first started lurking along time ago I used to just read the posted links and not the comments but now I don't feel I've fully read something until I read other folk's take.
I agree with you stakeholder, a lot of the fun of this website comes from reading everyone's comments. There's always a thoughtful, intelligent conversation going on, without the mud-slinging and name calling that can erupt on some boards. We're just one big, happy (sometimes), slightly dysfunctional and obsessive family.
I'm also glad you posted it, Ghost Spike. And I'm with you on the so wanting these rumors to be true.
Cautious optimism from this quarter, too. My broken heart is barely held together with Band-aids these days, so not jumping up and down just yet...

Still. It's good to hear that the hell being raised on 'Angel's behalf is getting heard. And maybe, just maybe, making a difference.

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