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October 23 2013

io9 lists their Top 25 Scariest Science Fiction and Fantasy TV Episodes of All Time. Guess which two Whedonverse episodes appear on this list.

Hush scared the crap outta me.
I'm guessing Hush and The Body.
I'm glad Bushwhacked is getting some love. I've always found it very scary.
The first time I watched Firefly "Bushwacked" was the episode that made me realize just how good of a show it really was.
It's good to see Bushwhacked get some attention. It's a very underrated episode that always reminds me of Event Horizon.
I've always found "Bushwhacked" to be spooky.

"Hush" is great but aside from one or two moments where I jump, I'm rarely scared by it. The exposition scene is just too silly/wonderful. And actually the reason I can watch most of those eps is pretty straightforward: I have a lot of faith in Buffy. "Buffy kills it" is a highly comforting mantra.
I love Hush, but I think it's overplayed as a "scary ep". Which it is, of course. But I'd love to see some love for Conversations With Dead People (that intercut of Joyce on the sofa with the "demon" is chilling!) and Killed By Death (Der Kinderstod was spooky).
I find Helpless to be scary. Buffy without her powers combined with an insane vampire who is a genuine threat? Nail biting viewing.
In case you haven't seen, they already listed numbers 26-50 (see here) of their top 50, and that list had Angel's "Iíve Got You Under My Skin" and Buffy's "Conversations With Dead People".
And I'm also happy "Bushwacked" gets some attention, I never understood why so many people found it to be underwhelming.
I have always found the Queller demon from Listening to Fear to be pretty creepy as well.
Oh yeah Queller demon on the ceiling of Joyce's room, shudder.
But the scary part of Hush is when that student is getting his heart cut out, trying to scream. Such a nightmare!
Of course on repeat many of these things are not so scary anymore because as you say, Buffy kills it.
And the exposition scene in Hush is superb.
I would have to second the fact that, for pure scare factor, Conversations with Dead People is much more powerful than Hush. Hush is still a fantastic ep, though.
Oh yeah, Conversations is amazing. I was always annoyed by the Queller, though. Wandering through the busy hospital on the ceiling and nobody ever looked up? Plus: just gross. I've said it before and I'll say it again -- the worst moment in "Listening to Fear" is Buffy crying.
Yes @ManEnoughTo Admit It....the loud bouncy latin music, washing dishes and then Buffy just starts sobbing. Heartbreaking!

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