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October 23 2013

(SPOILER) The Futon Critic lists titles for MAoS' episodes 7 and 8. Along with scheduled broadcasting dates.

I saw that Agent M was getting excited about episode 10. And I can't be the only one who saw the title for episode 7 and thought of A Hole in The World.
Plus, on the 17 promo images for "FZZT" are up.

Me too, Simon, immediately reminded me of Illyria.

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I hope The Sandwich Incident is about Fitz and his constant snacking.
"The Sandwich Incident" is my favourite episode title for a while!
I really hope they get to do an episode named "Brave Monkeys"
Oh, goodie. They're going to start showing them out of order. (*Huddles in corner having Firefly flashback*)
Episode 8 looks like a TBBT episode title.
Wikipedia had listed these from different sources earlier this week. I'm not worried about production order not matching airdate order unless I hear it means the story is out of order.
There can be several production reasons for one episode being filmed before the other. Maybe location, SFX.. there's no reason to believe they're switching the story.

Plus, goodbye "The Sandwich Incident". It's now called "The Hub". Me, sad.

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