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October 24 2013

Before she was Skye on Agents of SHIELD. Perhaps this can be a number in an Agents of SHIELD musical?

They have to at least have it play in the background or in a car once, for fun!

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Or an episode where she has to impersonate a pop star?!!
I saw this after watching the third episode, penned by Jed and Maurissa, and was like "Oh Skye should have another undercover mission as a pop star where she--No, god no! Not that again!"
Only got through 15 seconds of that. Auto-tuned drivel. JMHO. She looks cute though.
Oh, I'm sure there will be a joke to be had about this eventually...something like "Uh Oh" or another of Chloe's song being played and Skye getting all "Who listens to this crap?!" before turning it off, or Skye not being able to carry a tune whatsoever.

Though, I think it would be ripe as the kernel of a crackfic that explains how Skye can survive as a hacker if she doesn't seem to be up for embezzlement....she was a C-pop star (if Japanese and Korean pop music is J-pop and K-pop respectively, then Chinese-language pop is C-pop by the same logic ;D) and she lives off a healthy royalty. That is serpentined through numerous Swiss, Cayman and Luxembourg-located numbered accounts ;P
Yep. That's a good reason to erase your past.

(Funny that she can also speak Chinese. Hope they use that in the show)
I don't know if it's funny that she can also speak Chinese... She is half Chinese.
But she's born in America. Doesn't mean she can't speak Chinese, but I wonder if hiring two chinese-speaking actors was intentional or not. I had no idea she lived in China for a while.

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@Ragondux @SimonHelbergIsMoist Being a of certain ethnic background doesn't guarantee things like speaking the language.

My dad's Welsh, but barely is able to understand the language due to growing up on the tail end of the UK opposing efforts to maintain Celtic languages and cultures. Different now...way different...but point stands. Still, if Chloe's dad was forward thinking enough, her fluency is a smart thing since China's influence is on a serious rise.
So, after giving it some thought... they cast a chinese-american actress to play the role of a character who is searching for her parents, in a team where the two characters old enough to be parents of a 20-something are american and chinese. And she called them mom and dad.

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