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October 24 2013

Trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Looks good.

Looks REAL good. Like the more mature and darker tones, story seems very modern considering all the government intrusions and militarization nowadays, loving the suit.
I am so excited for Phase 2. This looks amazing. Love that they have him in his SHIELD uniform as well. And that last shot where WC catches the shield...chills.
And here I was thinking this film would be little more than stuffing to fill phase 2: looks like I might be wrong on that one.
Love the crashing helicarrier. Who's the bad guy? He looks pretty cool.
...the Winter Soldier.
He's a technologically-enhanced, brain washed assassin from the comic books.

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Apart from Age of Ultron this is the Phase 2 movie I have been looking forward to the most. Judging from this trailer we are in for a treat.
Yes! Brilliant. One of the weirder things about Agents of SHIELD is its lighter tone, especially when compared to the darker, braver, stranger feel of all the Phase 2 films.
"This isn't freedom. This is fear." I think I am hearing the dialogue of a quality movie.
Jaymii, if you go back and watch The Avengers trailer I don't think there's a single joke in it. I remember people commenting about how dark it was.
Several things I liked:

1) The movie looks like it'll explore the ethics of preemptive attacks. This is an issue I've never been able to be comfortable with, and I'd love to see how the movie handles it.

2) More Black Widow! I'm also looking forward to her storyline. She was one of my top favourite characters in Avengers.

3) I can't really think of a third, other than the first Captain America being my favourite of the Phase 1 movies (excluding Avengers, of course), and I am really, really excited for this one. I'm ready, Marvel. =D
@Boto: Spoilers? Since the trailer kept the guy's face covered, you should probably inviso-text your description.

While it is cool that the last shot was the dude palming the shield, I'd be more impressed if the director had him catch it: reach out, and pull his arm back as he is absorbing the momentum. Stiff-arming it is a sure way to break his hand and have the shield bounce off. (I'm nit-picking because I spent a lot of time learning to catch a water polo ball correctly.)
Holy wow. A trailer rarely gets me that excited--especially for a superhero flick, a genre in which trailers tend to boil down to "a bad thing's comin'--you ready, tough guy??"--but this was really impressive.
Oh I'm sorry. I'll edit the text, I just thought enough people were in on it already and the info is available on wikipedia.

Also he used his metal arm to catch the shield so I think he's gonna be just fine.

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OneTeV: That occurred to me too. Would've been nice if the guy had showed some kind of reaction in catching a vibranium shield by its -edge- and hurled by a -super-soldier-...but then I remembered I was watching a superhero movie, so I don't think the director is too keen on realistically portraying physics. :p
@OneTeV and @Shining: But for all we know that metal arm of his is made out of vibranium too! Perhaps it cancels out the effect...I think this conversation is getting too geeky now :P
@Boto: Thanks! It may be common knowledge for you and me, but I'm worried about the fair fraction of Whedonites who have never even glimpsed a Cap comic.

@Shining: The discussion with Boto reminded me that tech-enhancements would make shield catching possible, I guess. (Edit: Which SuperScuba just mentioned. Doh!) But as you point out, it can be distracting to have Cap's shield shred a tank turret in one scene, and then have it stopped so easily in another. It just seemed to make more sense to have a dude who can sidestep an exploding car also have the moves to redirect the shield.

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Well, the Helicarrier was always more cool than practical...

The dark side of SHIELD is what I'm hoping to see more of in AoS, so maybe I'll need to watch this instead. The trick is: can it stick the landing? Too often these days movies set up dark overtones and moral ambiguity and then devolve to the Fistfight That Solves Everything. (See The Dark Knight Rises, Elysium, Man of Steel, etc.)

If they can pull it off -- and Cap seems to be the character who could do it, since he's such the moral core of the Marvel Universe -- then I'll be most pleased. We'll see.
gossi, I had a slightly longer comment before, mentioning the very dark, troubling and PTSD-heavy Iron Man 3, where every single thing possible goes wrong for Tony, and also the menacing looking Thor: A Dark World. I was mostly citing Feige, as he repeated said how things will be different after The Avengers - i.e. "darker" - and it really looks like they are. The show, perhaps necessarily, feels more Phase 1, but it's just an interesting note.
I mean, I'm not saying it's not darker or dark is bad or whatever - but I will say I laughed more in Iron Man 3 than any movie this year. That movie trailer, too, had no jokes I recall.

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The trailer for Iron Man 3 was such a tricksy trailer. People went in expecting Gandhi to be a terrorist, and then he turned out to be a drunk actor. Did they even show Killian in the trailers?
Yes but with no context hence it being what Joss Whedon once coined a "plot twist."
This looks really good.Like the different tone from the first movie.The first film was a period piece while this is a espionage thriller.Much like Ed Brubaker's run.
I wonder if the hellicarrier had a really nice bar too.
Are we seeing thematic development starting in AoS that's going to directly extend into this? I think so!
Nice to see Widow and Fury making appearances. How many Marvel movies has Nick Fury aka Sam Jackson been in now? If you think about it, he (Jackson) really owes his entire marvel career to comics writer, Mark Millar, who made Fury in Jackson's likeness when he wrote the Ultimates. I'd say he should buy Millar a beer. Or maybe a house or something.

Did anyone see David Hasselhoff's portrayal of Nick Fury back in the 80s (or was it early 90s)? Fury has truly come a long way.
I'm going to be mighty, mighty impressed if the SHIELD portrayed in CA:WS feels like the same organization we're getting to know in AoS, and if the story of CA:WS is able to successfully build on that optional-but-nuance-y baggage. There was a discussion one of the threads the other day about how SHIELD might have many disparate arms that don't know what the others are doing; what I'm interested in is how the contradictions of the parts speak to tensions inherent in SHIELD's very mandate.

It pushes many of the same awesome buttons for me that Dollhouse did, in terms of the willingness to pry into questions of structure and agency within organizational culture... (sorry I'm _this_ close to talking about work).

tl;dr: so. stoked.
@ Squishy, I think its: Iron Man, IM2, CA, Avengers so far.
I'm much more into what I'm seeing of Winter Solider than I am into what I'm seeing of Dark World, so far. (That might partly be because I'm frankly having Loki burnout.)
There is not a chance in hell an organization like SHIELD is not going to abuse its power. I hope to see that conflict in the MCU, but specially in CA and AoS.
Too much Loki/Tom Hiddleston, b!x? No such thing. ;)

Robert Redford is in this?! Cool.
@KissingToast, didn't it already happen in The Avengers when SHIELD tried to nuke Manhattan? And you've just made me realise that Coulson probably has no idea. Hopefully we'll get to see the council again, especially on AoS considering killing the many to save the many more is everything Coulson fights against.
To be fair to SHIELD, it was the World Security Council who wanted Manhattan nuked. Fury did his best to stop it.
@Bluelark. You are right, in Avengers it was an issue, but I think there's even more potential there.
This is very promising. I'm less excited about the Thor sequel but I'm just not a Thor fan, for whatever reason. Captain America on the other hand tends to mine material that I'm interested in. Preemptive strikes and a culture of fear are definitely on that list. I just hope they maintain the Black Widow who is more than ass kicking and a pretty face.
Liked the trailer. The only thing that bothers me about it is the abandoning of the Avengers Captain America outfit. As I liked that it was more like a traditional comic book superhero outfit, and not so 'ultimatized.' (Plus I hate that chin strap with a vengeance. I knew when I saw them change to that in the comic earlier this year that it'd be to match them going back to that look in the movies..) Sigh!

But other than that little caveat. This looks fine. (Though I do hope they're not going to make Steve & Natasha a couple. I'd prefer to see them just having a professional relationship..)

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I actually preferred Cap's costume in his movie to the Avengers costume. Something about the Averngers version seemed off.
@Squishy Sam should buy Millar a Miller ;)
@Squishy @symbiotics Mark Millar is a Scot and wouldn't drink the cat piss that is Miller, Miller Lite or MGD! Sam Jackson needs to break out the good stuff...aged single malt scotch!


But yeah...mighty awesome trailer! Definitely can't wait to see this Phase 2 beauty!
I think Cap wears two suits in this one, you can see him briefly wearing his Avengers suit. Maybe the new suit was given to him by SHIELD as a sort of SHIELD uniform since he works for them and not with them. But I have a feeling he reverts back to the flag-y costume because it represents him better, while he's fighting SHIELD itself.
I believe there was a comment from the directors a few months ago saying just that, Boto. They said he'd start off in one suit earlier on when he's doing spy missions for SHIELD, then switch to a more traditional Cap suit.
I found the interview. They give the reason for the black suit and then a big "no comment" about other suits that also appear in the film.
I don't think that Thor 2 is as Loki-centric as some people hope/fear.
This looks incredible! However, I have a gripe. It seems that Agents of Shield totally conflicts with the MCU shield. In the movies they are generally grey area bad guys and in Agents of Shield they make them out to be white knights. Is Cap going to be fighting May and Ward in this? It doesnt compute.
I'm looking forward to both Thor and Captain America, but I think I'm more eager for Captain America simply because I like his story better. A man that has a unique perspective on how our world is now because he knew what it was like when. Thor has spent some time on Earth but he doesn't have the same kind of involvement and therefor (to me) as much to say about it. I'm still going to like watching him kick ass though.
Cap, Coulson and crew are pretty much white hats. They're not all of SHIELD. We're already starting to see some dark stuff from SHIELD. The revelation at the end of episode 5 might be an indication of bad things that happened with another part of the organization.

Also, remember how the group that SHIELD answers to was ordering New York to be nuked at the end of Avengers? That's the same group that Robert Redford works for. I don't trust his character at all. So there might be different groups pulling SHIELD in different directions.

It will be interesting to see how the TV show and the movie interact on these issues.

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