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October 24 2013

Kevin Feige on Joss for 3rd Avengers film. "It's still being determined."

...more precisely?

"All of his efforts right now are in what he's doing for us primarily, obviously writing and prepping Age Of Ultron but also in reading the drafts of the films in phase two, watching early cuts...". [... Whedon's] current contract is believed to end in mid-2015.

It's actually from Screenrant. Credit where credit is due and all that.
Not sure why this news has been making the rounds the way it has. I doubt Joss even knows if he wants to undertake Phase 3 yet, all-consuming as Phase 2 has become. I'd be more shocked if they had made a determination already. A2 hasn't even started shooting!
@Simon: oops, thanks!
Yeah, I don't expect we'll get any confirmation on this for a while. Personally, if Joss has to sign another contract agreeing not to make his own personal projects for another few years I'll be sad.
How is that a thing in his contract? He is still making non-Marvel things. And as much as I would love more small free-wheeling projects from him, these movies are seen by so many people. Transforming Black Widow from eye candy to the smartest spy in a room of superheroes has a ginormous cultural footprint. I think whatever tweaks he is making to the films as a group are pretty valuable.
I think Bluelark just meant that by signing a contract with Marvel he would be much less able/likely to work on his own stuff.
Sorry, I may have been too blunt. I didn't mean it to sound like his Marvel work wasn't valuable, and I especially don't want to question his decision. Giles_314 is right, I just meant that if he goes straight from Avengers 2 to 3 we'll be waiting longer to see an original Whedon world on film. It's something I've been looking forward to, now he presumably has the clout to get one made. And I thought his current contract means he's working exclusively for Marvel on film and TV?
Considering he makes original Joss stuff in 12 days in his backyard, I'm not thinking anything Marvel will preclude him from doing his original work.
Ah sorry, Bluelark. I did misinterpret what you meant there.

And I thought his current contract means he's working exclusively for Marvel on film and TV?

I don't think so, at least not for films, since he made Much Ado About Nothing while on a break from the first Avengers. We're agreed that more non-Marvel films would be great and that Marvel is a very big gig and probably leaves little time for much else.

This conversation reminds me that it's been awhile since I've seen news about In Your Eyes, which I mostly forget exists.
Much Ado About Nothing isn't a Joss Whedon original.
If I recall his contract is for t.v. and cinema releases. Which means he can still do comics and internet pieces. Presumably if he made a film in his backyard again he wouldn't be able to release it in theaters until his contract runs out but he would be able to put it online.
Doesn't RDJ have a key-man thing with Joss for A2&3? Would make our guy very cards-holdy......
I too remember his contract being announced as an exclusive deal with Marvel. He also filmed Much Ado before his big contract with Marvel was finalized. I hope he takes all the big bucks he is making with Marvel and starts doing big budget originals on his own, once this contract is over.
Oh, it was announced in August last year. This is why I missed it and am in error here. Sorry! I misunderstood what people meant as something older that would've included the Avengers. My mistake.
Honestly, though Agents of Shield is showing promise, the Avengers was very enjoyable, and I'm sure I'll love Ultron as well, I'd trade 10 Avengers movies from Joss for a single Joss TV show where he gets full creative control.
No amount of money he makes from Marvel will enable him to actually self fund a big budget original project. I don't mind that he might be doing more Marvel projects, as long as that's what he wants to do. More Whedon is ALWAYS good.
Yeah I'm happy with Joss doing what he wants.
I love Whedon's contributions to Marvel, which have clearly been the best. I'm thrilled to see him reach mainstream success and all that. There's no question, but I have to concur with other fans out there who just feel sort of let down by SHIELD and aren't exactly preferring his time with Marvel over his four original television endeavors. People like to trash Dollhouse, but I will take any episode of the much lower-funded Dollhouse over SHIELD any day. SHIELD is okay, Avengers is spectacular, Joss is a bowss, whom I'll follow into the black, but I'm looking forward to more work in the Buffy, Dr. Horrible vein as time goes on with Joss crafting his own worlds and characters.
Please no! I am so tired of Marvel stuff. I want Joss to go back to doing something ORIGINAL! Imagine a new Whedon universe on film or on cable. That would be something to look forward to. Not another giant blockbuster from Marvel.
I think there's room in the sandbox for everyone. A lot of people are doing great work. I think the sky is the limit when it comes to his work and his talent. But he doesn't owe any fan anything no matter how much they love his work. He's going to do what he wants and if he thinks his story can be told through Marvel, that's the end of the story.

Also, he's not involved day to day with AoS. I can see why people think he is but you should direct your praise and critique exactly, precisely somewhere else - he's not among the Whedons responsible for day to day show running. Some of us, myself included, are not wowed by AoS. But it doesn't mean original is better. Original could get cancelled after 3 episodes. Let's not start forgetting that aspect of show business and consider ourselves fortunate.
I always felt like Joss's contact with Marvel was sell out move. But Maybe he feels like this was his calling all along? Not feeling the Marvel stuff like I was with Buff, Angel, Firefly, Serenity, Dollhouse, and Cabin. Guess its just me though.
The thing about it is that all of these Marvel deals are going to open up the door for Joss to do other things. He's not just some risky TV guy anymore. He's the writer/director for one of the biggest grossing movies of all time. That is going to get him funding for original projects.

I love the Marvel superhero movies, and I know that this gig is over he could do something else of his choosing.

Just as long as I get more Buffy and Angel and Faith comics, I'll be happy.
Butler, selling out means compromising your values. Joss is jumping headlong into a world he's loved since he was a little kid. Have you heard his explanation for why the villain is Ultron, or why it has Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in it? He *wants* to make this movie.

That's not selling out, that's living the dream.
Jason. Valid point on values related to selling out. My point was that I see that there is something "not there" with Joss's Marvel work compared with his original work. The characters he created have clearly been built with love and devotion that shines through. The Marvel characters, that someone else created, are handled professionally and done well by Joss, but it is clear that something he brings to his originals is missing. That's what I meant. Instead of taking his success from the first film and using that towards his advantage to bring forth his own creativity, he went back to work for an establishment that does not produce material that exudes his pure talent. IMO.

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