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March 07 2004

TVTome ColdCase Page for ep. Volunteers. Two Buffy-related references on TV in one night.

1) ColdCase featured Amber Benson as the '60s version of the one of the two long-dead victims

2) Crossing Jordan has Woody and Nigel in an occult shop, Nigel identifies some satanic artifact, Woody says, "Watch Buffy much?"

Great night of TV, glad to have Jordan back.

wow. the cold case episode was great. i don't normally watch the show cause i work sunday nights, but had to tape this one cause of amber benson. and let me say, i love amber benson. she is so talented. and she was absolutely awesome in this episode. i found it very moving and it was great to see ms. benson on television again.
Amber Benson looked great (no surprise) in that episode of Cold Case. She can definitely pull off the hippy look.
I thought she looked really great in the episode. Perfect character...she has that real 70s flower child look to her anyway!
Yeah - I heard the reference on Crossing Jordan tonight - always lends to the coolness of a show to be referenced in another show. :)

Saw Amber tonight to and thought she did a great job - however the role felt kinda Taraesque.
Didn't watch either but the Crossing Jordan reference sounds nice. It's so great that many different shows always put in a line about Buffy.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to see Amber tonight and am not really a big tv watcher but am interested in watching the ep.
Anyone know if there will be a rerun or anything?
Also the line is very Joss like as well, very cool.

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