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October 24 2013

(SPOILER) Synopsis for Agents of SHIELD's episode 1.07 "The Hub". Marvel reveals plot from what used to be "The Sandwich Incident".

There's a character I'd been expecting to see at some point.
Ward and Fitz on a mission together that could go horribly wrong? Sign me up.
Don't change the name!
This is 1943 all over again.
So, from the synopsis and the former title, I guess Fitz will be feeling peckish, eat a tesseract-sandwich, and turn into a mutant gifted Monkey-man?
"The Sandwich Incident" is inspired, gossi.

I do want to see Ward and Fitz on assignment together. I also want to see Simmons on assignment with me.
Aw. I liked the sillier older name.
Yes, "The Sandwich Incident" sounded just right. I hope it's a fun episode.
this is sad. We need more titles like "the sandwich incident", not less (or I guess none now).
I hope that this episode (or the one before/after it) will turn out to be pivotal in putting everything really into motion, since this phase of the season used to always serve as a sort of breaking point for in the previous Whedon shows. There's also sweeps and 'The Dark World' premiere, so this is definitely the right time to bring out the (first) big guns. :)

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